5 Beautiful and Oldest Castles in Germany

5 Beautiful and Oldest Castles in Germany

Germany is a land known for its castles. Here is a list of some of the castles, which among them could be said to be the oldest castles in Germany.

1. Meersburg castle

40 meters above the lower town of Meersburg at the northern shore of Lake Constance, and roundabout 440 m above Sea Level  the “Old Castle” of Meersburg, the oldest inhabited castle of Germany is located. The castle is one of the most beautiful attractions at Lake Constance as well as the most important landmark of the city Meersburg. The for tress was presumably built during the 7th century however the original structure is not visible anymore. In the direct neighbor hood the “New Castle” also happens to be located.

2. Anholt Castle

First mentioned in the 12th century, the moated castle of Anholt in the western part of Münsterland happens to be one of the region’s few privately owned castles. As part of the reconstruction of the castle, after a major part of the castle was demolished in 1945, a museum was added to the Wasserburg An Holt. The collection of exhibited works there is the largest historically evolved Private Pictures Collection of North Rhine-Westphalia. It has about 700 paintings. Impressive works by Dutch painters of the 17th Century, such as Rembrandt, Jan van Goyen, Gerard terBorch, Flemish (J.Breughel the Younger), German (Bartholomew Bruyn, Holbein Salvatore Rosa) can beseen in Wasserburg An Holt.

3. Moritzburg Castle

Located in the middle of the Cultural Landscape of Moritzburg, about 15 km from Dresden, are the Baroque Moritzburg Castle. It is surrounded by a pond attracts thousands of visitors every year. Augustus the Strong, King of Poland and Elector of Saxony, had the representative hunting and pleasure lodge built on the walls of the former Renaissance building which is located just outside Dresden’s gates. Not only the porcelain figurine collection of Augustus the Strong, but also the sumptuously painted and ornamented leather wallpapers represent a great part of the country’s history.

4. Weesenstein Castle

The romantic castle in Müglitztal manages to combine different architectural styles and rich evidence of its 800-year history. The exhibition on the history of the house as well as its former owner is open daily The castle was rebuilt again, partially demolished. It was changed according to contemporary tastes.Style elements from the Gothic to Classicism is there for you to discover.

5. Heidelberg Castle

One of Europe’s most famous landmarks, the Heidelburg Castle attracts a great number of visitor (over a millon). . From its place on top of Konigstuhl hill, the castle silhouette dominates the old town centre of Heidelberg.

Those were some of the oldest castles in Germany. They have a unique beauty and charm that enchant every visitor, and make them worthy of repeated visits. If you ever plan on visiting Germany, do not give these castles amiss, as they more than anything else in the country showcase its vivid historical landscape and transports you to a whole new world.


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