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You are what you eat. Indeed, the unhealthy kinds of food we nourish our body with will somehow take its toll in the long run. Over-the-counter medications, sugar-loaded treats, or fatty food are just a few of the culprits that can deteriorate your physiological systems.

That said, people have sought medical cannabis to remedy their mental and physical illnesses. While medical marijuana has been around for years and has been decriminalized in more than a handful of countries, some of its regulations are shady. Not to mention the stigma that’s still prevalent in some societies today.

That’s why cannabis manufacturers, online dispensaries, and even cosmetics companies develop as many cannabis-infused products to cater to the demand. One such example is CBD edibles.

CBD edibles hold a lot of benefits compared to its oil and tincture counterparts. And I’ve curated the top five surprising benefits of CBD edibles so you can make this product the best ally in your daily diet.

  1. Longer and better entourage effect.

The “entourage effect” means the CBD edible’s components such as flavonoids, terpenes, cannabinoids, and fatty acids are in synergy and are creating a medicinal impact on your body.

While some people are not comfortable with the high from THC, the effect of CBD edibles is subtler and more calming. Although the effects of other cannabis products kick in instantly, CBD edibles may take up to two hours for their effects to hit. This may depend on your weight and how full your stomach is as well.

Likewise, because CBD edibles go straight into your digestive system, the effect lasts longer than other products – some even lasting for up to four hours.

  1. Makes you less prone to chronic bronchitis and lung cancer.

While the health benefits of smoking or vaping cannabis outweigh the disadvantages, CBD edibles eliminate the short-term effects such as coughing and bad breath, not to mention the adverse effects such as chronic bronchitis or worse, lung cancer.

Cannabis strains and oils, when combusted at a specific temperature, may create carcinogens which can directly affect your lungs. Cannabis cartridges for vapor pens also contain toxic ingredients. On the other hand, CBD edibles are incredibly safe to consume with no known adverse impact.

  1. Accessible with a wide variety to choose from.

Because edibles are so nondescript, some people can’t even tell both regular and CBD-infused cookies apart. They are also abundantly-made and widely-accepted because of the edible nature that you can buy them from most sellers like WeedSmart online dispensary. They have an extensive line of edibles such as candies, chocolate bars, extracts, beverages, and more.

  1. Secure and discreet.

Edibles are very inconspicuous. A consumer can enjoy CBD edibles anywhere without getting hawk-like stares from people as opposed to smoking or vaping cannabis in public. This is beneficial for people on the go who experience chronic pains and other illnesses.

  1. Mitigate mild conditions.

The process of heating cannabis usually removes most of the beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids that people look for. Nonetheless, most of the cannabidiol is still present in CBD edibles, hence, eating an edible with a specified milligram daily will help consumers battle several mild conditions like headaches, muscle and joint pains, minor inflammation, or any minor injuries.

The Bottom Line

These surprising benefits of CBD edibles may not receive a Nobel Prize anytime soon, but the long-term health benefits are more than any award or worldwide recognition.


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