7 Best Tips to Prevent Cancer


Cancer the name itself brings tremors in our body because it’s the dangerous life taking a disease that has a limited option of treatment and can always come back even after a surgical solution. As you know there are limited options for cancer treatment but it isn’t always a hopeless case. Best cancer hospital in India has proved that early diagnosis can bring a permanent solution to this life-threatening disease all the time.

Best Tips to Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a disease that occurs with abnormal cells starts to divide without any control and destroys the tissue inside the body. So in this case, if you imagine the graphics scene of the same, it’s really dangerous and a body can decay in some moments in case the deterioration of tissues go on rapidly. As you know that so many people around the world are fighting against this disease, and not all of them getting the best solution from it. Thus, if you become aware of the things that can cause this dangerous health issue, you must take care of your entire lifestyle, just to prevent this disease. Here we have listed the useful tips that will help you in the best way possible.

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A Healthy Diet Is Required

If you want a cancer-free healthy life, you must look forward to your diet regime. Food is what keeps us walking and talking, without it we are unable to go on with our lives. The same case goes for healthy foods as well. If you have been used to oily and non-healthy foods, it’s time to stop that immediately. Non-healthy foods can only work towards damaging your body and it will be unknown to you, what kind of ingredient is mixed in the food item. Thus, it’s recommended to prevent cancer or any chance of having abnormal cells in your body is to avoid junk food.

  • You will be able to stay healthy if you consume more fresh vegetable in your daily diet. You can always eat lightly and eat in periods, this will lower the risk of obesity in your body.
  • If you are thinking in this circle of eating healthy, you must cut down on alcohol intake too, which is not true. You can always have alcohol, but that too in a limited amount. Making alcohol consumption in a large amount and a daily thing will certainly take you towards cancer and thus death is inevitable.
  • You can love processed meat, but you must know they are never a healthy option for your body. There are some studies which have found out that the intake of processed meat in large amount can always infuse the chances of some certain types of cancer. Thus, try having healthy protein and stay away from processed ones.
  • Try including resistant starch in your food. This very thing is found in green banana, white beans, rolled oats and so on. If you consume 40 grams of restraint starch in your food, it will help in the help you stay away from the threats of cancer.

Take Care of Your Weight

You must take care of your weight. Whatever you, wherever you go, you must keep your body weight in check. You can always check your ideal weight by your height and age. It will help you understand the measure easily. So many complications can show up because of the overweight situation. Thus, you need to understand which food or the type of exercise will keep yours from storing that extra fat. You can always take a daily walk or 30 minutes of physical activity will help you keep a healthy and fat-free body always.

If you keep your body weight in check, you will be able to prevent lung, prostate, colon, kidney and prostate cancer. You can always try standing more than sitting around the whole day. You can try this instead of sitting in front of your TV because you must know that sitting for a prolonged time will increase the chances of colon cancer. To minimize the risk you can always walk around for an hour.

Get Protection from the Sun

You must have to go out at some part of the day, and whenever you do that try to protect yourself from the harsh sun. If you are unprotected from the sun you might get skin cancer. There are so many people who suffer from the same, thus you must be clear from your side by using proper shades from the harsh sunlight. You must remember to use sunblock as well. You have to keep in mind to avoid the midday sun and even if you have to go out cover your body’s exposed area as much as you can.

Eat Garlic Pods

Garlic pods consist of allyl sulfur compound in them, and these are the best thing to stimulate the immune system in your body. This garlic will destroy the abnormal cells that bear the chances of cancer. The chances of colon cancer get diminished by the intake of garlic every day.

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Get Vaccines

Get vaccines of hepatitis B, and papilla virus or HPV. The vaccine of hepatitis B is useful to prevent cancer in so many ways. It mostly helps in preventing liver cancer. The HPV helps in preventing genital cancers. This vaccine should be given to children from the age 11 and 12.

Steamed Broccoli

Broccoli is a very healthy food and you must know about its health benefits. However, not all types of broccoli eating method are proper to prevent cancer. You will get the best out of broccoli when you steam it. Steamed broccoli is the best food option rather than, microwaved or fried ones.

Green Tea

New research has found that green tea is very useful in preventing cancer. The intake of green tea every day will always prevent the chances of ovarian, lung, breast, prostate, colon cancers. This very thing consists of so many antioxidants that help to keep your body free from the threat of cancer.

Try to consider these above-mentioned tips to prevent cancer. It will always help you keep your body healthy and safe from any other type of complication. You can recommend the same to your friends and family to make them aware of the threats of cancer, so they can also stay have a healthy approach towards their life.



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