A Chronological Data On “Modern Dating”: The Race Of Dating Apps And More


    What’s the difference between online dating and conventional dating? While many think that no matter which mode it is, it takes courage to approach one, however, it cannot be denied that this modern development in the realm of dating is faring considerably well.

    Although many choose to opt for conventional methods to launch themselves back into the dating world, one cannot overlook the fact that online dating provides one with the freedom, convenience, and enough space for showcasing interest.

    Dating applications, social media profiles, and profiles in the website are simply the manifestation of technological space through which one can easily connect. In other words, it is the tool to establish a connection, to communicate, and to use them to find love.

    Although getting ghosted, unmatched, or being left on reading, the thrill of it, the experience that one goes through has been going on for generations. Applications have managed to procure sensational feelings through it.

    A Historical Account Of “Modern” Way Of Dating:

    The first recorded lonely-hearts advertisements occurred in around 1965. It happened just five years after the concept of the modern newspaper took place in civilization. One of the earliest personal advertisements that have ever been recorded was placed in order by a UK citizen.

    The advert said “a 30-year-old man having a good estate is seeking the company of a good young gentlewoman, having a fortune of about £3,000 or thereabouts’. It was one of the most modern approaches of that time.

    However, in 1965, it was Harvard students who took the opportunity and used an IBM 1402 computer to program a code, Operation Match. It soon became the first matching servicing device in the USA. Moreover, it happened only 6 years after the technical piece took over.

    It needs to be addressed that the concept of dating apps also advanced after the improvement of social media. Myspace was the first application if we are speaking in terms of Mainstream social media in the early 20s, where one could easily establish “connection”.

    In 2004, the ultimate social media occurred. Yes, we are talking about Facebook. Within a year, MySpace took the initiative and launched many dating portals like PlentyOfFish, OkCupid, and Badoo, some of which are still active. This website helped many seek what they desired. 

    In 2012, Tinder and Hinge joined the party where many websites and applications fought to take the limelight. Their popularity increased with due time, and all the thanks are due to the acceleration of smartphones and other similar technology.

    However, in 2018, it is believed that tinder alone had 50m users hailing from 190 different countries. From there, almost 20 billion matches have been made since its launch. Moreover, romantic social media platforms like Badoo managed to gain up to 500 million users recently.

    The number is comparatively higher. Almost 1.5 times higher than the entire population of the United States. However, with so many options in terms of dating applications and many active users relying on it to find their “soulmate”, there has been a variation across the globe.

    Let’s See What The Worlds Thinks About Popular Dating Apps, And Which App Is Faring Well In Each Section:

    In terms of global popularity, we all know that it is Tinder who would win the race. According to a statistical report, Tinder was the highest dating application in 86% of the 165 countries searched. It is available in 190 countries.

    In the second place, we have Badoo with more than 500 million users. Furthermore, American-based application Bumble is in third place in terms of store ranking with 2% of countries as their highest ranking dating applications despite having a user base of 42 million.

    Ending note:

    No matter the consequences, the fact that these applications are faring well is an example of modernization itself. With it, the users are adapting and living.


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