All You Should Know About SAT Exam

All You Should Know About SAT Exam

Most of you must have dreamt of studying in international Universities. To many it seems impossible to crack the exams that required for the admission process in the universities abroad. The real picture is quite different. There is no doubt that the exams  required for admission outside India are a level up. This is because, nothing comes without paying a cost. However, the good part is that there is one test that would help you taking admission in countries like United States, Australia, Canada, Singapore and United Kingdom. Isn’t it amazing? One exam score can open so many opportunities for you in the best Universities in the world.  Wondering which exam is it?

SAT, the abbreviation for Scholastic Aptitude Test or Scholastic Assessment Test. This is a standardized test, introduced in 1926 is your key to a good career opportunity. This score can let you admission in many universities but not in all of them. None the less, best sat courses opens the opportunity that could help you direct your career and get into some best colleges abroad. SAT is conducted 7 times in a year, depending upon the region. In most countries, it is held at least 5 times.

  • It’s a 3 hour-long test.
  • This exam is not taken on any computer system, it’s an objectiveexam, conducted via pencil and paper.
  • It has four sections or subjects

✓  Reading
✓ Writing and Language
✓ Mathematics (with calculator)
✓ Mathematics (without calculator)

  • There is a fifth subject that although is optional but is necessary for some Universities. The subject involves essay writing in 50 minutes.
  • The score range is between 400-1600 and depending upon these scores the universities would select you.
  • This international test gets administrated by Educational Testing Service (ETS) and developed by the College board.
  • There are 25000 centres for SAT test across the world.
  • The fees for applying SAT is 47.50 USD for without essay writing test and USD 64.50 for the exam with essay writing.

Appearing for these test would give you an opportunity to get scholarship for your studies. The best way to score good marks is to associate with sat institute that have good exposure to such exams and would help you in achieving your goals. Studying on your own for such exams would put the burden on you and keep stressing you about what you should do and what not.

The best solution is to get enrolled in any such institution that give you best knowledge, practice and faculty of experts. Studying in these institutes would prepare you the best and extract out all your positive skills and polish your knowledge. You could have regular mock test to check your aptitude and check your knowledge. A professional and experienced guide will always be more helpful in comparison of self studies. A good institution would make efforts on your behalf and prepare you mentally and physically both for the test. They have the correct process of teaching and studying in such an institution would increase your chances to score good marks and get admission in your desired University abroad.


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