AngularJS and The Developers Work

AngularJS and The Developers Work

The use of a computer is not unknown to people nowadays, but there are a number of areas where only experts in the field can offer their services. The development of software, program and application are examples of such areas that can make one drive the system as per the requirement of the job or client as the case may be. This being a modern day JavaScript Framework is used to build extremely interactive Single Page Apps.

AngularJS was developed by Google to simplify the front-end Development of an app. It is used as a structural framework to build dynamic web apps with the extension of HTML capabilities. This open-source JavaScript framework performs the DOM manipulation as well as integrates the important features that are being offered by the directive. The resource comes with a lot of plugins and frameworks for web developers. It is hard to believe that a modern single page app can be developed without AngularJS. It also helps a developer to build the most maintainable and most architecture web app. Hence, AngularJS can also be termed as the next big thing for the development of web applications.

With the online moving of a lot of functionalities, a web browser is a new hub of computing, and a user expects the browser to work as a web app. This framework allows a browser to animatedly display and render content, making server downloading while providing the User Interface developer with improved flexibility to give instinctive web page designs. With the increase in demand for a single page app and the requirement for an intuitive User Interface content, AngularJS is evolving as a developing platform which is favored by bootstrapped start-ups and cash-rich enterprises.

This framework has attributed from being a sophisticated framework that has a fan following of becoming a web tech that is driving the business growth. AngularJS now is authorized by organizations whose core business depends upon the presence of a strong web. There, to hire angularjs developer posts in a lot of companies is rising in demand, which makes AngularJS developer role to be one of the highest paid jobs in the tech industry.

Essential AngularJS features:

  • Modules
  • Directives
  • Templates
  • Scope
  • Expressions
  • DataBinding
  • MVC (Model, View, Controller)
  • Validations
  • Filters
  • Services
  • Routing
  • Dependency Injection
  • Testing

AngularJS career opportunities

A web developer’s job is predicted to grow as eCommerce stays under expansion. An individual applying for a job of Web Development with AngularJS is a well-known and well-experienced in the development of AngularJS. With proper experience,hands-on training, skills, and web developers may specialize in various areas of progress which can help them in establishing their career in the best direction.

How popular is the job of AngularJS Developer?

The angularJS popularity gives a pretty bright picture of the skill demand. The statistics of The US Bureau of Labor announced that the percentage of unemployment of a web developer dropped to 0.7 as of the year 2014, which is below the rate of all IT jobs which is 2.7%. Additionally, the rate of hire angularjs developer job shot up subsequently.

According to a tech staffing company, finding a web development skilled individual is a challenging set of requirement to find. They also stated that the demand for this particular skill has not been touched as the unavailability of this skillful talent is not adequately available to fulfill the requirement of the companies.

AngularJS Developer Salary Packages

According to a survey, an average amount payable for a Front End Engineer/ Developer with the skills of AngularJS is about 425.863 INR per annul in India. In such cases,the experience of a developer will strongly affect his/her salary for AngularJS developer job.

The scope of AngularJS Developers in Future:

About JavaScript Framework, AngularJS is a great framework, a stand-out among st the utmost mainstream. As of this moment, it has been helping in the development of mobile and web applications. If a user is in the web development sector and is looking for a future in it, without a doubt, AngularJS is what he or she should be learning.

Responsibilities and roles of AngularJS Developer

AngularJS Developer has various roles:

  1. Front End Developer
  2. AngularJS Developer
  3. Web Developer
  4. UI Developer
  5. Java Script Developer
  6. Full Stack Developer


  1. To deliver acomplete front end app.
  2. To ensure high performance on desktop and mobile devices.
  3. Writing tested, documented JavaScript CSS and HTML, and idiomatic.
  4. To co-ordinate with the workflow between the HTML coder, Graphic designer, and the developer him/herself.
  5. Good communication with an external web service.
  6. Co-operation with a back-end developer in the process of creating Restful API

Qualifications and Skills

  • Proficiency with HTML 5 and JS
  • Precise and professional communication skills
  • Deep angularJS knowledge and most used modules that are based on general work experience.
  • Creation of self-contained, testable modules, and reusable components.
  • To ensure a clear dependency chain, regarding the app logic and also the file system.
  • Ability in providing SEO solution for an app with a single page.
  • Wide-spread know-how of JS and CSS methods for providing performance full visual effects and also to keep the parameters above 360 frames per second at all times.
  • Deep knowledge of the tasks of the platform, API, database, proxies, caching layer, and other such web services that are used in the system.
  • Validation of user actions over the client’s side and to provide responsive feedback.
  • Writing of non-blocking code and also resorting that code to advance the techniques like multi-threading, whenever it is needed.
  • Has the experience with all sorts and levels of operations that are available in the front-end like from creation of XHR’s in vanillaJS to the use of a custom wrapper.
  • The developer must have the necessary experience required in building up of infrastructure for serving front-end assets and apps that can meet the requirement of the client and job.

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