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How to Properly Store Skis and Ski Boots


Once the sun starts to come out and shine, it means that the snow has melted and it’s time for your skis and ski boots to hibernate over the summer (unless you plan on traveling of course). It’s important during the offseason that you properly store your skis and ski boots to ensure that they last. You spend a lot of money on your equipment, and part of the investment is also put into proper care and storage. Here are some tips on how to store your skis and ski boots the right way. 


Clean Your Boots

After you’ve taken out the soles of your boots, wipe the interior and exterior of your boot with a damp cloth which will prevent dirt and grime from collecting on the outside of the boot. Make sure that the interior is completely dry before putting the liner back into your boot in order to prevent mildew from forming on the inside of your boot. 

Dry the Liner 

You should technically be drying your ski boot liner after every ski session in order to prevent mildew and other funk from developing in your boot. However, this is especially important when you’re storing them during the offseason. You can purchase a boot dryer in order to make the process easier, or you can take the liners out of the boot and let them air dry. Ensure that they are completely dry before you put them back in the boot for storage. 

Buckle the Boot

Ski boots will lose their shape if they’re stored without tightening the buckle. In order to ensure their shape and wear for the next season, store your ski boots upright and with the loosest buckle tightened so that the boot doesn’t lose their shape. 

Storing Your Boots

The best method for ski boot storage is to keep them in a zippered ski boot bag, then place the boot bag in a cool dry place like an interior closet. Don’t keep ski boots without a boot bag on the basement floor, attic or in a crawl space.


Examine Your Skis

Believe it or not, but a garden hose and a towel are the ultimate tools to help you clean dirt and grime off your skis. When you’re spraying your skis down, try not to get water into the bindings and do not use detergents and degreasers as they can affect the binding lubricant. 

The offseason is the best time to get your skis repaired or tuned up. Shops have plenty of time during the summer to help you to fix your bases and sharpen the edges. If you wait until the week before your annual ski trip, we can guarantee that you’ll be waiting a while. 

Wax the Skis

Waxing is an integral part of your skincare routine. After your last run, scrape off any old wax and coat them with a thick layer of hot wax. Use about two to three times the amount you’d use normally and let it set. Do not scrape it off! The thick wax will prevent rust from forming on the edges and keep your bases from drying out.  

Store Upright

Storing skis upright is best, however, you don’t need to heavily climate-controlled room. It’s best to keep them indoors away from the elements and sun, and ideally in a position that doesn’t create pressure on the camber or rocker. A ski bag is not the best option as any leftover moisture in the bag can lead to rust forming on your skis earlier.

What is the difference between ad exchange and ad network?


Advertising as art has appeared quite soon after Internet inventing. In the beginning, advertisers and publishers tried to resolve the situation by themselves. Generally, they tried to contact each other directly. 

Another problem is that this method can’t give you high volumes of traffic. There are thousands of websites with related topics related to your niche and it is silly to have high expectations from 10-15 occasionally found websites.

The method was also not always effective as required time and energy resources. Besides, the changes couldn’t be implemented immediately that was also quite frustrating. The demand was growing and ad networks creation was a way out. 

What is an ad network?

To say it simply, it is the first attempt to have organized and quick campaigns. Networks behaved like an intermediate between main players. Everything seemed to be quite convenient as publishers could sell remnant inventory (direct sales generally refer to premium inventory), advertisers could plan their budgets and run campaigns where the process could be tracked immediately and amendments added at any moment as well.  

However, something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Cheat cases of fraud by both sides happened quite often. In addition to that, one should understand that advertising itself is quite an expensive thing and ad networks used to take a commission for their services. Nowadays the situation is a bit better, but business promotion was hardly possible for small companies as it was extremely expensive. 

Advertisers could be also a bit frustrated as nobody could guess where your ad will be posted, i.e. the neighbours are always different and it is the time you can’t choose them. For example, you sell fishing equipment and being located next to beauty products seems to be a bit irrelevant and, in some cases, inconvenient and undesirable.


One more confusing fact is that advertisers could buy the number of displays where their potential audience is likely to hang out. It means that, for example, if you buy displays on a beauty blog, you will receive the whole scope of those who have entered the blog occasionally or simply not interested in your products. You have burnt your money twice: for wrong displaying and for not showing your offer to those who can appreciate it. 

Something certainly should have been done with it..

What is an ad exchange?

Advertisers started thinking about something with a more personalized effect. The system of the auction was created – RTB (Real Time bidding). The main idea is about bidding for each particular impression. Advertisers decide how much they are ready to pay on the ground of such information as to location, approximate age, interests, type of the device used and so on. 

Ad exchange here is some kind of online playground where all participants gather to participate in this buy-sell process. It is a wonderful opportunity for inventory owners as they still have non-sold places and here they can offer it. 

The whole process is absolutely transparent and is cheaper than a traditional one as no third-parties are involved. 

Small business owners can breathe freely as promotion options are now available for them, too. Ad exchange makes it possible to set the limit one is ready to buy or sell the equipment. 

Of course, there are cases when inventory could be sold at too low prices, but opposite variant is also possible so that publishers can win even more in comparison with ad networks.

Advertisers, in their turn, deal with the more motivated audience as the process is highly personalized and the ad will be shown to those who fit your criteria. 

Does it mean that ad exchange is better than an ad network?

Actually, polus.media doesn’t recommend thinking so, the same as we don’t consider a chair more useful than a window. Both of the notions in a subject deal with the advertising process, but they represent it from different sides, so the comparison can be a bit incorrect. 

To be honest, most of the advertisers nowadays use both of the approaches. The first reason is that different websites can be tuned in to the system and it will be unwise to skip such a big piece of the pie.

Some experts predict soon dying out for ad networks. We are not so quick with the conclusion as there is another tendency is expected. The point is that ad exchanges and networks acquire some traits from each other, and there can be some kind of auction offered for those who prefer traditional forms of advertising and vice versa. 

Share with us your experience about using any of these variants – are using them now and how you feel about them?

Buying Essays Online: Is it Legit?

Employee Experience

Some things just sound too good to be true. Buying essays online is definitely one of them. After all, doesn’t it sound like a con? You can just go online and buy an essay, and turn it in for a grade with no work on your part? Well, it isn’t actually that easy, but you can legitimately procure an essay online, so long as you know what you’re doing. The best way to determine if a service is legitimate is to know what requirements you have for your essay, and seeing which service actually meets them.


Plagiarism is the biggest concern when you’re ordering an essay. After all, the easiest way for a company to make a cheap buck is to take your money, then copy and paste an essay to provide for you. It’s something a professor will almost definitely notice, and result in failure for you. It could even get you dropped from the class or outright expelled. 

That’s why you want to make absolutely sure that the service you’re using writes up their essays from scratch. When you buy your essay online from this site, for example, you are not actually paying for an essay that is already written; rather, you are paying a professional academic writer to create your essay from the ground up. Any reliable essay writing service is going to provide a tool that will estimate the cost of writing a paper for you. If a website offers pre-written essays for sale, it isn’t trustworthy, and you should steer well clear. 


Chances are you are going to have pretty specific criteria for your essay. You can’t just write it about whatever you want. That being the case, you’ll almost definitely need an essay writing service that can cater to any particular subject. Maybe you’re just writing a paper for your English class. Or maybe you need to write a thesis for your physics degree. Either way, a reliable essay writing service will be able to handle all manner of subjects, of any particular length. Always check the types of subjects that a writing service can meet. When you are getting a quote on your paper, the service should be able to cover nearly any subject, at practically any length, and even within an extremely short timeframe. If the service you are looking at doesn’t offer any of this, you should move on.


This part might sound a little rough for a student, but you actually want the service you are looking at to charge reasonable prices. Imagine that you are asked to write a twenty-page research paper on an extremely difficult topic, and you have to write it within twenty-four hours. Would you only charge ten dollars for it? The same is true for the essay writing services that you are looking at. The longer and more difficult your paper is, and the quicker you need it done, the more a legitimate essay writing company is going to charge you, which makes sense since they are actually going to spend the time and resources to provide you with a quality piece.

Any legitimate essay writing service will have a tool, generally, on their front page, that will allow you to input the criteria you need; level of difficulty, length of the paper, and timeframe, and they’ll give you an estimate on how much that will cost. If a writing service offers a flat rate for all papers; let’s say, $30 for a paper regardless of the details, you should steer clear of it.

The Essay Writing Service Process

Another major part of you knowing whether or not an essay service can be trusted is knowing the kind of process you should go through when using one. You should note that there are some minor differences in different sites; they might ultimately deliver your paper through a different method, such as email or a specific account, but most all legit sites adhere to this general process.

  • Place your order. Most sites will have a tool where you can input the criteria of your paper on their front page. This tool will give you a quote on how much your paper will cost, and confirm your order if you so choose. The vast majority of sites won’t make you pay at this stage since there’s no way of knowing if you’ll be satisfied before the paper is done. 
  • Have a writer assigned. Different sites will do this in different ways: some might assign you a writer, while others may provide multiple writers for you to choose from yourself. Either way, once your order is confirmed the site will put you in contact with the writer that is going to handle it.
  • Maintain contact with writer. A legit site will provide you with a way to stay in constant communication with the writer assigned to you. That way, you will be able to give them instructions, and they will provide you with updates as they work on your paper. 
  • Receive final product. Once your paper is done, the writer will provide it to you, generally through email or an account specific to that website. At this point, most legit sites will allow you to ask for revisions without any extra cost. 

Payment. Once you are satisfied with the essay, you will have to pay the price that was quoted for you at the beginning of the process.

Call from 0000000000


Have you ever received calls from a number with indefinitely many zeros like the phone number 0000000000? If you have then you are not alone. Thousands of users have stared into this number on their phone screen and even tried calling back but to no response. 

Most people might get scared or tensed on seeing this unusual phone number with all zeros. Fortunately, there is no need to be worried.  There are many reasons for such a number to be displayed. Most users are unaware of why this is so. Hence, in this article, we will be providing you with all the information regarding the phone number 0000000000.

What does a phone number with all zeros mean?

Well basically, such a number is from phone a network that is spoofing (faking) the phone number and has, therefore, set it to all zeros. There can be legitimate reasons for number spoofing but such a number with all zeros is likely to be spam. Another possibility is that the caller ID might have been blocked. 

Sometimes phone calls from the internet and smartphone-based apps might cause this. There is also the possibility of international calls. International calls use call masking to hide the numbers for various reasons. Our advice to you is to avoid such phone calls. You might never know what are the intentions and prevention is definitely better than cure. You can try blocking such numbers.

Incoming calls from number 0000000000: Who could it be?

  1. It might be, an improperly configured PBX system that is transmitting 000 000 0000 instead of the original number because nobody had bothered to set it up properly.
  2. It could be improperly configured PBX system that’s purposefully configured to transmit that number instead of the actual number.
  3. A scammer, spammer, or robodialer that has been programmed to transmit that number instead of its actual number (which happens sometimes when companies have been fined for spoofing numbers)
  4. It might also be a call from a customer to an outbound only VoIP service.
  5. It can be a call from a ship-to-shore device.
  6. A person using a spoofing device or service that decided to enter that number for transmission.
  7. In rare cases, a phone company connected the call, like a third party bill, operator completed call, or even like you thought a collect call.
  8. Another rare possibility is a call coming from a phone system with a corrupted caller identification record (this is more likely to be blank, or say unavailable)

How To Block Such calls:

Truecaller is a very versatile app, that helps you find the owner of any mobile number, without the need to call them. For example, suppose you find a missed call from 0000000000 or any other unknown number. With Truecaller you can find the identity of the caller, without responding back. 

Another good feature is that you can block scams as well, which is precisely what we are going to do here. Follow the steps mentioned below, to use Truecaller to block the phone number 0000000000.


  1. First, open the Truecaller app.
  2. Now go to the spam settings.
  3. Choose the My Block List option,
  4. Tap on the ‘+’ sign.
  5. Now add the number that you want to block.
  6. Thus you have successfully blocked the number.


In this article, we have provided you with all the information regarding the Telephone number 0000000000. Now you have an idea about what does a phone number with all zeros mean. The only way to be sure of who the caller is is to call him back. Our advice to you is to block such numbers. If you have any queries with regard to the content of the article, do write to us.

How to prevent getting deported from the US


Deportation is forceful transportation of illegal citizens back to their homelands. Deportation is the nightmare of every immigrant in the United States. Immigrants, especially the ones with expired visas who are still in the country try everything possible to escape being deported to their country. Wondering why immigrants insist on staying in the United States illegally? Some of the reasons why many immigrants prefer to stay in the country as illegal immigrants rather than returning to their homeland after their visa expires are:

  • Employment: most immigrants are from countries where unemployment is very common. Immigrants easily get jobs and financial help in the United States than they do in their homelands due to the high number of jobs available in the United States.

  • Security: some immigrants are asylum seekers in the country because they came to the country as tourists but decided not to go back after the expiration of their visa due to the fear of not being safe in their home country.

  • Marital affairs: some immigrants prefer to stay in the United States because they are in a relationship with someone in the country who is a legal citizen or immigrant. Most times, they do not want to get separated from their loved ones.

Even though immigrants do not like being deported, it is so unfortunate that many of them get deported from time to time. Most immigrants keep wondering how to live in the country as an immigrant and avoid getting deported. Below are some important things to do to avoid getting deported from the United States:

Respect the visa terms – one of the most common acts that get immigrants deported in the United States is the inability to respect or abide by their visa terms. Each visa has its stated terms, which are expected of you to be abided. A very good example is the tourist visa, which is a type of visa that allows you to be a visitor in the country for a very short period. A tourist visa does not allow anyone to work or change address without notifying the UCIS. Some immigrants who have tourist visas do misuse it by staying in the country for over the stated time or even work illegally in the country. To avoid getting deported, it is important to maintain the status of your visa. For instance, if what you have is a tourist visa, do not stop being a tourist. If it is a student visa, do not do anything else, then studying, etc.

If you are planning to move to the US and your country is among the visa waiver program countries, then you should submit ESTA and also check your ESTA validity.

UCIS notification – another reason why immigrants get deported is making a sudden change in the address given in your visa terms while you’re in the country without notifying the UCIS before doing so. Moving from one’s address can be as a result of security or other important issues but notwithstanding, the UCIS should be notified before moving as any unusual change in address can be interpreted as an attempt to take to your heels. For instance, if someone who has Brooklyn, New York as his address in the visa moves to Alaska without notifying the UCIS, such change in address can lead to getting deported if such person gets caught. To avoid getting deported, it is advisable to always notify the UCIS before changing your address.

Be a good alien – being an immigrant in the United States is very nice because society has a nice attitude towards immigrants. As an immigrant, it is expected that you have good character, it is also expected of you to be law-abiding. Immigrants with good characters who have had the green card for five years can become a citizen of the country. That is one of the reasons why being a law-abiding immigrant is good. If one is not a law-abiding immigrant, it can make one get deported as the law frowns at immigrants doing criminal acts. To avoid getting deported from the United States, it is an important thing to stay out of trouble with the law as it will damage one’s reputation and may get one deported.

Never violate immigration laws – common immigration laws that have been violated by immigrants in the United States over the years include trafficking of illegal immigrants into the country, hiding unwanted illegal immigrants and fake marriage. If you do not want to get deported from the United States, it is very much advisable to stay away from those acts. Immigrants should note that organizing a fake marriage for the sake of the green card or citizenship is a very bad decision as the risk of getting caught is high. If a marriage gets investigated, and it is found out that the union is fake, the probability of getting deported is high.

How long should you wear silicone scar sheets?

All You Should Know About SAT Exam

Many people have scars, some of which are visible and unattractive. Fortunately, there is a way to effectively treat scars at home.

Silicone scar sheets are the only proven way to treat scars at home. 

What are silicone scar sheets?

They are sheets of fabric which have been treated with silicone which is known to reduce the growth of scar tissue.

Scar sheets are widely used to avoid new scars from forming. They are also used to reduce the appearance of older scars. The skin color is improved to become lighter and blend in with normal skin.

Under many controlled tests scar sheets have proved to be effective and safe in preventing scars. They are certainly the best way to treat scars at home. They are easy to use and there is no great risk or side effect with them.

Silicone scar sheets are available over the counter and at many online stores.

Will scars disappear completely?

Depending on the severity of the scars they may disappear or be greatly reduced. If a scar is severe it may not disappear but be reduced and become smoother. The color of the scar will change from bright red to a much lighter color.

Doctors agree that the best silicone scar sheets should offer warmth, transpiration, moisture and a high amount of silicone to the would in order to be effective.

Silicone is one of only two methods to remove or reduce scars. The other option is to have steroid injections.

Unfortunately, not all scars will completely disappear with the use of scar sheets. Generally speaking, only raised scars can be treated. These are called hypertrophic scars. Raised scars are also often discolored and using scar sheets will alter the color of the scarred skin.

Side effects of scar sheets

A very small number of people may develop a mild rash simply because skin differs on every individual, but most people with have no reaction at all to using scar sheets.

Silicone scar sheets come with expiration dates so don’t be tempted to use them if they are out of date as they will not work properly.

How to use scar sheets

Depending on the severity of the scar, you will need to wear the scar sheet during the day and possibly the night. Every scar packet comes with instructions so be sure to read them before you use them. If you are in any doubt about what to do, you should talk to your doctor or pharmacist. 

If you wear make-up, then you should not use the scar sheet as it needs to be placed on clean skin. You should also not wear sunscreen when you plan on wearing the scar sheet.

If you have difficulty keeping the scar sheet in place – such as on the face – then you can make use of silk tape which will not irritate the skin. This will help keep the sheet in place.

Scar sheets do not work to reduce wrinkles or fine lines, neither do they remove stretch marks.

How long should you wear a silicone scar sheet?

This will depend on the severity of the scar. Each scar sheet will come with its own instructions but recommended minimum treatment is normally between 60-90 days. More severe scars may need longer.

Many scar sheets will need to be worn during both the day and the night, again this will vary on the scar severity.

Scar sheets should be started as soon as the wound has completely closed. They should only be used for scars which are healed up otherwise there is a risk of infection.

The longer you wear the sheet, the faster you will see changes to the scar. You should remove the sheet once a day and wash the area before reapplying the sheets.

You should not wear a scar sheet while you exercise or bathe because perspiration and shampoos may interfere with the sheets and make it ineffective. It is better to remove the sheet while you bathe or exercise and then place it on dry, clean skin.

You can use scar sheets on any area of the body as long as there is no open wound. The sheets should also not come in contact with eyes or open acne lesions. If you need to reduce a scar in a hard-to-reach place such as ears, you may be better using a silicone gel instead of a sheet.

You should start to see the scar become a little softer within 4-8 weeks, although this will vary with individuals. The thickness will also start to diminish, and the scar color will start to change.

What if the scar sheets don’t stick?

The most common reason for the sheets not sticking is that the skin is not completely clean. Wash the area with warm soapy water and make sure that it is completely dry before applying the sheet.

Occasionally sheets will not stick to areas with curves such as faces. In this instance, you can make use of silk tap to hold the sheets in place. Silk tape will not irritate the sensitive skin on the face.

To sum up

Remember with any scar that it can never be completely removed with a scar sheet. What does happen is that the severity is reduced, the color is toned down to blend in with the normal skin coloring? The cosmetic appearance of the scar will be greatly improved with scar sheets.

Make sure that the scar is completely healed before you start using scar sheets and be sure to read the instructions on the packaging before you start. If in any doubt talk to your doctor or chemist.

Scar sheets can also be used on old scars. They will help the scar to fade and shrink. The color will alter to a more neutral color and texture which is more like the rest of your skin tone.

5 Reasons to Get Cheap Essay Writing Help from CheapWritingHelp


Submitting essays within fixed deadlines can be very stressful. It is not possible for the students to write every essay with utmost quality. Thus there are many websites available online which assist the students in their quest. These sites provide them with the best quality writing, for their academic courses and otherwise.

CheapWritingHelp.com is one such online website which helps the students write their essays. The site understands that it is not possible for the students, to spend huge sums of money on essays. This is the cheapest essay writing online service available which is completely capable of handling your academic assignments and papers.

This blog talks about the five reasons why one should get cheap essay writing help from the CheapWritingHelp.com. The five reasons are listed below.

  • High standard essay writing at low prices

CheapWritingHelp.com makes sure that all the papers are written in the most convincing academic requirements both in the content and in format structure. We make sure that you don’t have to compromise the quality or standards because of low budgets. Students don’t want to purchase papers because they are not diligent, but because the present academic burden is unbearable. Understanding the college, high school, or university students, we keep the prices affordable.

  • Free bonus features

We offer you some extra free features for our customers. clients. We allow our clients to use the plagiarism checker without any charges along with free content tables, title pages, reference pages and options for revisions.

  • 100% guarantees to serve better

Our website guarantees 100% efficiency. We even back our guarantees with money back services. No purchased paper is even posted online. The writings are 100% plagiarism free and are delivered in time always. We understand the importance of deadlines for the students and make sure to deliver the papers on time.

  • Formatting the papers in types of citation style

Our experienced writers format the papers by using all the references as well as the citation styles that you choose. We can deal with any types of citation styles, which can be required for an academic paper.

  • Expert Writers with professional training

We have a team of almost fifty-five writers. These expert writers have experience in academic writing for more than ten years. They are experts on the academic papers they write on. So you have nothing to worry about the quality of information. Unlike some of the cheap essay writing online services, we hire only professional trained writers. Each draft of writing is further revised and checked before submitting to the clients to ensure accuracy.


In order to help the students meet deadlines and submit quality writing,  our company hires experts from various diverse fields. We offer the utmost proficiency and dedication in our work. Our writers never fail to submit essays or academic papers within the deadline.

10 Best Alternative Sites like WolowTube


In this digital age, watching movies is much easier and cheaper. Anyone can stream movies online in many leading websites. These sites permit you to watch or download films free of cost. With so much modern technology why spend money on DVDs, if you can watch or download the late movie online.

WolowTube: The most popular website for downloading films

WolowTube is one such leading website where anyone can watch amazing movies free of any cost. You do not even have to register on the website or complete any survey procedures to watch or download classic films.

But WolowTube is not the only such website available online. There are many others. All of these websites have great movie collections and provides you the opportunity to watch them for free.

This article gives you a list of 10 best alternative sites like WolowTube. For any movie lovers, this list will be extremely valuable and effective.


After WolowTube, PandaMovie is the most popular website for downloading movies. This leading site has an amazing collection of modern films. The films are of high HD quality with all the best IMDB reviews. You can download as well as stream the films online. No registration or charges are required.

The site has a specific feature, which the WolowTube does not have. It has a different section for adult movies. To stream movies from this adult collection, one has to verify their age. Only if you are eighteen plus, you can go to this section.

Overall the site is very easy and simple to operate.


MovieWatcheris the most streamed movie downloading site. The website is becoming more famous each day. With a huge collection of Hollywood and European films, the site is a youth favorite. It has all the latest releases across the world.

No registration process is needed to stream the movies on the site. The site has sections for kids animated films as well. You can watch as well as download the movies you like.


Do you like to movies in the high definition? Do you miss watching HD movies at home on online sites? FMovies site is being created keeping in minds your demands and desires.

The FMovies provides all the movies in the high definition mode. This is to make the visitors enjoy the movies as if they are in the movie theatre. The site also has various other features which makes it extremely user-friendly.

The visitors can search the movies by its name, or director or actor’s name. They can download or watch movies, online. The site is free from any virus. So you can download your favorite without having to worry about the security and safety of your laptop or computer.


CMoviesHD is probably the best alternative for the WolowTube. You can stream as well as watch movies for free here. The website has the links of almost all the recent releases.

The site has sections separated for different film genre. You can pick your favorite genre and watch those films. No registration or age verification is needed to continue streaming movies in this site.  There are quite a good collection of high definition films as well.


Putlocker9 is the ultimate movie downloading site. The site helps you to stream, watch, download any movie of your choice across the world. Movies of every country and language are present there. All the latest hits are added to the list every day.

The site, unlike most movie streaming sites, actually provides the details and explicit information of the films also. This information can come handy sometimes.

Some visitors are ardent fans, who may want to know everything about the movies of their favorite actor or actress. Keeping their wishes in mind, the website offers this information.


Streaming a film online is now easier than ever. You can watch them free of cost or download them also. No need to create any registration account of any kind.

The  MovieFlixter is the most effective streaming website which allows you to watch the movies at stretch. You can then pause the movies that you are watching and come back to them later.


HDMoviesPoint is slowly becoming the most celebrated streaming website. The most useful feature of the site is the fact that it allows all the users to download the films in different characteristics. Not every user has all types of video players on their laptops. The fact that the website offers the users to choose from the number of download options is extremely beneficial.

It is the best alternatives that are available for the WolowTube. All kinds of films are unfastened here to be watched as well as downloaded. One of the biggest problems of the site is it does not allow the customers to download any movies without creating an account. The site has this policy for security reasons.


The HouseMovie maybe the only website available with nearly four thousand films. All of these movies can be downloaded. All the movies are categorized and subcategorized according to the niches. This is just like the Wolowtube and offers the best streaming as well as downloading alternatives.

Every film has a different size. The site permits the customers to choose from the variety of sizes, small, medium or large. This feature has been included keeping in mind that most users do not have enough spaces in their laptops or computers.


Tinklepad is actually a Google search device based downloading site. It is known for streaming, downloading and watching films. The users can stream free of cost and without creating any registration account. They also do not have to link their email ids with the website to verify the age.

It has a different section where the rating, reviews of each film are given. This space is dedicated to all the movie lovers. The cinephiles do not just want to watch the films, they also want to know every possible detail about it. All the details about the actors, writers, directors, crew, and others are given below each film.

10. Movie2k

Movie2k is possibly the best alternative for the WolowTub. This site is mainly popular among the movie lovers because they can stream and watch all their favorite rare movies online. The site offers a very clean, virus free and user-friendly platform, dedication and created for the young movies lovers.

It is not possible to watch every movie in the movie theatre or buy DVDs. This site thus comes to rescue with its new collections of movies across the globe. The movie section is sorted according to the year.

A great film at the end of a hectic day not only relaxes the mind but also reduces the stress. But going to the cinema hall can become tiresome sometimes. These websites areextremely beneficial, in the sense that they help the young cinephiles save a lot of money. They can watch many rare, classic movies also, which are not available anywhere else.

Here, we have provided you with a list of top ten alternative websites online like the WolowTube. All of these sites are completely safe and free of virus.

How to Plan a Meal for Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet


The South Beach diet based on Dr. Arthur’s medical research on patients on the Akins diet, is a program that helps users lose weight by restricting the intake of carbohydrates. Dr. Arthur believed his program was a better route to take to lose weight fast without increasing a person’s risk of diabetes and heart disease.

His ground-breaking research led to the formulation of the South beach diet that has 3 phases. Phase 1 is the most restrictive. Phase 2 is less restrictive and known as the maintenance phase; it helps you achieve your ideal weight goal before proceeding to the final phase 3.

In this post we will take you through how to plan a meal for the restrictive phase 1 South Beach diet.

Goals of Phase 1

The major goal of phase one is to stop the occasional highs and lows of blood sugar in your system by conditioning the body to a restrictive diet almost clear of carbohydrates and bad fats. You will need to give up on some of your favorites like bread, pasta, cereals, rice, baked goods, refined sugar, starchy vegetables, etc.

In their place, you will have to condition your body to lean proteins, meats, pork, seafood, and some dairy products. The phase also encourages users to eat more healthy vegetables in place of bad fats the body is used to.

Let’s see an overview of how to plan a meal for Phase 1

Sample Meal Plans for South Beach Diet

In other to get past the difficult phase 1, we have hypothetically illustrated below how an ideal meal plan for this stage should look like. Phase one includes 6 meals; breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert. Let’s get down to the details

For Breakfast

An ideal breakfast for the South Beach diet consists of:

  • Should include a serving of protein such as poultry, eggs, meat, and cottage cheese
  • One serving of tomato juice, vegetable juice or just vegetables
  • A calorie-free beverage drink such as tea or coffee

You can also add a poached egg, spinach or smoked salmon fish to the mix. Apart from dairy products, there are no restrictions to the list of approved foods items to have for breakfast.  However, Dr. Arthur Agatston gives notable advice for portion sizes that encourage users on the diet to eat a little more rather than feeling hungry and deprived.

For Lunch

For lunch, just as it is with breakfast, you have a list to choose from. Here is it in a nutshell:

  • One serving of approved lean proteins in the list
  • Servings of vegetable juice
  • Salad dressings, two tablespoons
  • Beans or legumes – Half a cup
  • A cup of dairy product
  • Plain water and one calorie-free beverage like tea or coffee

To spice things up, you can add grilled salmon, spaghetti, roasted chicken, turkey breast with bean salad. Although you are at liberty to choose the right portion sizes of protein you need, you are advised not to overeat as this will defeat the aim of the entire process.

For Dinner

South Beach phase 1 dinner should include some if not all of the following:

  • One approved servings of protein
  • Vegetable servings including but not limited to beans and legumes
  • Up to one cup of dairy product
  • Two tablespoons of “Good Fat” for dressing or cooking the vegetables.
  • Lastly, one calorie-free beverage

To stay satisfied and fight those hunger cravings, users are advised to mix things up a bit by finding low-carb recipes that offer a variety of flavors. Think Mexican, Asian or Italian recipes. Grilled London boil, pan-fried lemon chicken cutlets in green beans should get you started in the right foot.

For Snacks

For phase 1, you are required to take two servings of snacks on a daily basis. An ideal snack should have a healthy mix of vegetable and protein within. Examples include but not limited to stuff celery with salad tuna, raw dip vegetables in a dip of bean popping, lunch meat rolls up with vegetable juice. Nuts are a great source of protein and fiber so they are welcome into the mix.

For Dessert

A lot of people enjoy eating dessert, so they were included in the South Beach diet. Howbeit, only a restrictive form of dessert is allowed. Some of the approved desserts includes flavored ricotta cheese and a number of low carb sugar-free sweets.

The main goal should away be to eat in moderation and not out of control.


Top 5 Reasons to Consult a Psychologist Now - SomeHell

You are what you eat. Indeed, the unhealthy kinds of food we nourish our body with will somehow take its toll in the long run. Over-the-counter medications, sugar-loaded treats, or fatty food are just a few of the culprits that can deteriorate your physiological systems.

That said, people have sought medical cannabis to remedy their mental and physical illnesses. While medical marijuana has been around for years and has been decriminalized in more than a handful of countries, some of its regulations are shady. Not to mention the stigma that’s still prevalent in some societies today.

That’s why cannabis manufacturers, online dispensaries, and even cosmetics companies develop as many cannabis-infused products to cater to the demand. One such example is CBD edibles.

CBD edibles hold a lot of benefits compared to its oil and tincture counterparts. And I’ve curated the top five surprising benefits of CBD edibles so you can make this product the best ally in your daily diet.

  1. Longer and better entourage effect.

The “entourage effect” means the CBD edible’s components such as flavonoids, terpenes, cannabinoids, and fatty acids are in synergy and are creating a medicinal impact on your body.

While some people are not comfortable with the high from THC, the effect of CBD edibles is subtler and more calming. Although the effects of other cannabis products kick in instantly, CBD edibles may take up to two hours for their effects to hit. This may depend on your weight and how full your stomach is as well.

Likewise, because CBD edibles go straight into your digestive system, the effect lasts longer than other products – some even lasting for up to four hours.

  1. Makes you less prone to chronic bronchitis and lung cancer.

While the health benefits of smoking or vaping cannabis outweigh the disadvantages, CBD edibles eliminate the short-term effects such as coughing and bad breath, not to mention the adverse effects such as chronic bronchitis or worse, lung cancer.

Cannabis strains and oils, when combusted at a specific temperature, may create carcinogens which can directly affect your lungs. Cannabis cartridges for vapor pens also contain toxic ingredients. On the other hand, CBD edibles are incredibly safe to consume with no known adverse impact.

  1. Accessible with a wide variety to choose from.

Because edibles are so nondescript, some people can’t even tell both regular and CBD-infused cookies apart. They are also abundantly-made and widely-accepted because of the edible nature that you can buy them from most sellers like WeedSmart online dispensary. They have an extensive line of edibles such as candies, chocolate bars, extracts, beverages, and more.

  1. Secure and discreet.

Edibles are very inconspicuous. A consumer can enjoy CBD edibles anywhere without getting hawk-like stares from people as opposed to smoking or vaping cannabis in public. This is beneficial for people on the go who experience chronic pains and other illnesses.

  1. Mitigate mild conditions.

The process of heating cannabis usually removes most of the beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids that people look for. Nonetheless, most of the cannabidiol is still present in CBD edibles, hence, eating an edible with a specified milligram daily will help consumers battle several mild conditions like headaches, muscle and joint pains, minor inflammation, or any minor injuries.

The Bottom Line

These surprising benefits of CBD edibles may not receive a Nobel Prize anytime soon, but the long-term health benefits are more than any award or worldwide recognition.


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