Buying Essays Online: Is it Legit?

Buying Essays Online: Is it Legit?
Buying Essays Online: Is it Legit?

Some things just sound too good to be true. Buying essays online is definitely one of them. After all, doesn’t it sound like a con? You can just go online and buy an essay, and turn it in for a grade with no work on your part? Well, it isn’t actually that easy, but you can legitimately procure an essay online, so long as you know what you’re doing. The best way to determine if a service is legitimate is to know what requirements you have for your essay, and seeing which service actually meets them.


Plagiarism is the biggest concern when you’re ordering an essay. After all, the easiest way for a company to make a cheap buck is to take your money, then copy and paste an essay to provide for you. It’s something a professor will almost definitely notice, and result in failure for you. It could even get you dropped from the class or outright expelled. 

That’s why you want to make absolutely sure that the service you’re using writes up their essays from scratch. When you buy your essay online from this site, for example, you are not actually paying for an essay that is already written; rather, you are paying a professional academic writer to create your essay from the ground up. Any reliable essay writing service is going to provide a tool that will estimate the cost of writing a paper for you. If a website offers pre-written essays for sale, it isn’t trustworthy, and you should steer well clear. 


Chances are you are going to have pretty specific criteria for your essay. You can’t just write it about whatever you want. That being the case, you’ll almost definitely need an essay writing service that can cater to any particular subject. Maybe you’re just writing a paper for your English class. Or maybe you need to write a thesis for your physics degree. Either way, a reliable essay writing service will be able to handle all manner of subjects, of any particular length. Always check the types of subjects that a writing service can meet. When you are getting a quote on your paper, the service should be able to cover nearly any subject, at practically any length, and even within an extremely short timeframe. If the service you are looking at doesn’t offer any of this, you should move on.


This part might sound a little rough for a student, but you actually want the service you are looking at to charge reasonable prices. Imagine that you are asked to write a twenty-page research paper on an extremely difficult topic, and you have to write it within twenty-four hours. Would you only charge ten dollars for it? The same is true for the essay writing services that you are looking at. The longer and more difficult your paper is, and the quicker you need it done, the more a legitimate essay writing company is going to charge you, which makes sense since they are actually going to spend the time and resources to provide you with a quality piece.
Any legitimate essay writing service will have a tool, generally, on their front page, that will allow you to input the criteria you need; level of difficulty, length of the paper, and timeframe, and they’ll give you an estimate on how much that will cost. If a writing service offers a flat rate for all papers; let’s say, $30 for a paper regardless of the details, you should steer clear of it.

The Essay Writing Service Process

Another major part of you knowing whether or not an essay service can be trusted is knowing the kind of process you should go through when using one. You should note that there are some minor differences in different sites; they might ultimately deliver your paper through a different method, such as email or a specific account, but most all legit sites adhere to this general process.

  • Place your order. Most sites will have a tool where you can input the criteria of your paper on their front page. This tool will give you a quote on how much your paper will cost, and confirm your order if you so choose. The vast majority of sites won’t make you pay at this stage since there’s no way of knowing if you’ll be satisfied before the paper is done. 
  • Have a writer assigned. Different sites will do this in different ways: some might assign you a writer, while others may provide multiple writers for you to choose from yourself. Either way, once your order is confirmed the site will put you in contact with the writer that is going to handle it.
  • Maintain contact with the writer. A legit site will provide you with a way to stay in constant communication with the writer assigned to you. That way, you will be able to give them instructions, and they will provide you with updates as they work on your paper.
  •  Receive the final product. Once your paper is done, the writer will provide it to you, generally through email or an account specific to that website. At this point, most legit sites will allow you to ask for revisions without any extra cost. 
  • Payment. Once you are satisfied with the essay, you will have to pay the price that was quoted for you at the beginning of the process.


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