Call from 0000000000


Have you ever received calls from a number with indefinitely many zeros like the phone number 0000000000? If you have then you are not alone. Thousands of users have stared into this number on their phone screen and even tried calling back but to no response. 

Most people might get scared or tensed on seeing this unusual phone number with all zeros. Fortunately, there is no need to be worried.  There are many reasons for such a number to be displayed. Most users are unaware of why this is so. Hence, in this article, we will be providing you with all the information regarding the phone number 0000000000.

What does a phone number with all zeros mean?

Well basically, such a number is from phone a network that is spoofing (faking) the phone number and has, therefore, set it to all zeros. There can be legitimate reasons for number spoofing but such a number with all zeros is likely to be spam. Another possibility is that the caller ID might have been blocked. 

Sometimes phone calls from the internet and smartphone-based apps might cause this. There is also the possibility of international calls. International calls use call masking to hide the numbers for various reasons. Our advice to you is to avoid such phone calls. You might never know what are the intentions and prevention is definitely better than cure. You can try blocking such numbers.

Incoming calls from number 0000000000: Who could it be?

  1. It might be, an improperly configured PBX system that is transmitting 000 000 0000 instead of the original number because nobody had bothered to set it up properly.
  2. It could be improperly configured PBX system that’s purposefully configured to transmit that number instead of the actual number.
  3. A scammer, spammer, or robodialer that has been programmed to transmit that number instead of its actual number (which happens sometimes when companies have been fined for spoofing numbers)
  4. It might also be a call from a customer to an outbound only VoIP service.
  5. It can be a call from a ship-to-shore device.
  6. A person using a spoofing device or service that decided to enter that number for transmission.
  7. In rare cases, a phone company connected the call, like a third party bill, operator completed call, or even like you thought a collect call.
  8. Another rare possibility is a call coming from a phone system with a corrupted caller identification record (this is more likely to be blank, or say unavailable)

How To Block Such calls:

Truecaller is a very versatile app, that helps you find the owner of any mobile number, without the need to call them. For example, suppose you find a missed call from 0000000000 or any other unknown number. With Truecaller you can find the identity of the caller, without responding back. 

Another good feature is that you can block scams as well, which is precisely what we are going to do here. Follow the steps mentioned below, to use Truecaller to block the phone number 0000000000.


  1. First, open the Truecaller app.
  2. Now go to the spam settings.
  3. Choose the My Block List option,
  4. Tap on the ‘+’ sign.
  5. Now add the number that you want to block.
  6. Thus you have successfully blocked the number.


In this article, we have provided you with all the information regarding the Telephone number 0000000000. Now you have an idea about what does a phone number with all zeros mean. The only way to be sure of who the caller is is to call him back. Our advice to you is to block such numbers. If you have any queries with regard to the content of the article, do write to us.


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