Candle Company Name Ideas


In the sector of craft industry, candle making has grown its importance. In comparison to the earlier financial year, it is expected that the candle business will see an increase of 5% in its sales. While starting a candle business people tend to initiate it as a part-time business which evolves in a full-time business.

We can see a series of candle business names. It is not a highly processed method to make a candle at home. So are you planning on starting your own crafted business of candle making?

Do you have a sight of seeing your Candle company name on the household racks? It is never too late to start a business. If you are planning on having your brand of crafted candles we have for you a few Candle company name ideas which you can choose from.

Natural aromaWax workIn bound product
Creek candleScented waxRock and scent
Mia bellaGolden beeOceans blue
Alpine candleThe fantasyflavoured
Your environmentLuxylum candlesArmada
Fondell cnadlesThe giftwrapflikker
enlightenmentAmidst aromasecretwax
Flame fabulosaMagic glowAmbrosia candles


Candle business names ideas

Amongst the various purchases in candles, the choices are generally settled on the basis of smell and colour. So if you are initiating with your business see to it that it adheres to the market trends and catches the eyes of your customers. When we start out with our thought ideal candle business names always provides you with the launching platform. Since your first interaction with your customers is by a name which catches their memory so it should be particular as to what you are here to offer. To start with your launching pad, we are here to suggest you with particular candle business names you can choose from.

Bright burning candlesWishful blazeSeasoned candles
Spirited glowBright shineIncredible flick
Encircled shadowGoblet candlesEagle candles
Watch eye candlesRoot candlesBathing candles
Room escalatorBliss environCandle de lite
Earthen glowIlluminax flameLovely nights
Just candlesLights withinenglooming
Magic moonHublotRetensky


Candle company names

If you are planning on having your own company for candle making. You should see to it that your name showcases the quality you provide. While choosing out a candle company name people get along with initials of the partners. At times demographics play a vital role in running a company. So you can get along with a name suiting the demography of your company. You can even name your company name over the uniqueness in product you provide. Herein we have for you few suggestions, if you are in a state of dilemma you can always go with other language which depict the meaning of the product as a name.

PacifiaStart candlesPopping lights
Garden essenceAgyavahaKha luminous
Extended ayuhSomatamShubham bhuyatah
Hand carvedPillar candlesScentsy
Party lightsGold canyon candlesThe Himalayas
Scented jaributiHigh end candlesHouse decor
Ferns printed candleswoodwickNatural wicked candles
Wildflower candlesWhistling wind candlesMatch to flame


Funny candle names suggestion

Being funky is the new trend in business naming. If you are unable to get to an appropriate name for your candle business you can always opt for funny candle names. As this will help you being noticed within your potential clients and you can have the desired results. Few Funny candle names suggested by us are listed for you.

Lit lifeCandles cornerWitty wick
Kanlde kidsCandle creatorsSlow burns
We and you candlesFireflare candlesBedtime candles
Laminating skyWxjack candlesShining candles
Shimmering lightsHibiscus candlesCustomised candles
Rooted wax candlesHigh flare candlesPerfect lighted wax
decorlightSerenity scentsPathlight candles
Flourishing flamesEco Glo Anath mudran
Home glowSlow burnRelaxing radiance


Candle Brand Names

The aim of a business is to set it as a brand. So if you are looking out for Candle brand names probably you should go for the names which are unique yet easy to remember. In that case, it will be easier for you while advertising your brand or even reaching out for the customers. If you are unsure of your Candle brand names probably we will be happy to help.

Dream scentsWildflowered candlesThe earthen smell
Sensuous candlesGolden flamesSparkling bright
Plus candlesSangau candlesThe crafted secret
The way you thinkMooded candlesMoulded scents
U Me candleGifted worthArchwith candles
Diara candlesZaraon flickerRainbow candle
Kindred lite candlesLux candlesRoyal candles
Standed candlesTreasure candlesGarden essence
Waxwork jewelsEssence de fleurCandles in the wind


If your brand name is short always opt for a suitable tag line to disclose what you are offering. Preferably in the case, if your business or brand name is in some other language. It will be beneficial for you to get the required business. For the rest, we are here to help you around.


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