Contact Norton Support – Norton 360 Customer Service Phone Number

Contact Norton Support - Norton 360 Customer Service Phone Number

Norton internet security and antivirus software is probably the most widely used security software all around the globe and is also perhaps the best out there in the market. Norton also has many versions of antivirus software products available. While many software for antivirus leaves people wanting a little bit more, Norton 360 is just the right solution for all.

Contact Norton Support

The Norton 360 is quite good at discovering and doing its bit on malwares. Wherever detected, it not only gets it off but also blocks it from invading your computer at the first place, so that you would never have to deal with it. There are many who claims to do it, but it is Norton 360 that actually does it. It also aids you with unique parental control features that allows parents to filter out contents that they would not like their children to cruise with.

Norton 360 Customer Service UK

Offering quality customer support is something Norton 360 has mastered at. Norton believes that without quality customer services, they stand a chance of losing in the race. Norton 360 is a huge step in the correct direction of every user involved in the security of their computers. Not only does it gives its users the tools to obtain high levels of security for their device/s but also the user could be rest assured of their personal privacy.

Customer support is imperative to any business. A wrong move can rain havoc on the company’s reputation and the amount of loss it can cause cannot be gauged. Norton 360 is a perfect product and with the perfect backup.

A case study where a customer is unsatisfied with a product and it projects:

  • A customer purchase a Norton product and is unsatisfied with it.
  • The Customer Service team didn’t seem to pat proper attention in getting the problem fixed, thereby not ensuring customer satisfaction. Whatever many be the reason/s – outsourced support or product vendor incompetent, it is Norton that is a customer’s support.
  • The customer feels that Norton does not cares he or she did not get worth the money spend on the product. Probably the customer would put his experience on the web for many others to read.

Solution by Norton: Norton 360 customer service UK, would never do that. They would take ownership of the problem/s and follow through delicately to resolve the issue. Any customer wants to be acknowledged and feels great when you take his or her problems seriously. Norton customer support addresses the concern/s, offer appeasement and provides ways to resolve the issues.

Norton 360 Customer Service UK can be contact on phone by directly dealing at: +44 (0)20 7616 5600. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays are the best days to dial with an approximate waiting period not more than 3 minutes. This will allow Norton to locate your account information and create a faster support case.


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