Health benefits of using an air purifier

Health benefits of using an air purifier
Health benefits of using an air purifier

In today’s world, it is very difficult to find pure air around us, especially in city sides. The air is polluted by many harmful gases, smokes, dust particles, and many other infectious organisms. To lead a healthy life one needs to breathe fresh air. The quality of the air we breathe determines our health condition. The air we breathe in our home, workplace or where ever we go decides our health if we didn’t breathe pure air. Then it will surely lead to many airborne infections and diseases.

All of us know the popular proverb “Prevention is better than cure”. So if one has to escape from lung disease and many other diseases which are on their way from contaminated air. It is the best choice to use an air purifier in our home, offices or where ever we need. By using an air filtration method in our own space is very beneficial which eliminates a number of disease-causing germs and other air spreading infections.

What are the health benefits of Air Purifiers?

Filtering Asthma causing particles

Asthma is mainly caused by the particles and triggers which are present mostly inside our living space, well I know that’s hard to believe but it’s true. They are caused by particles that are present in our indoors. Some of the Asthma causing particles include dry skin cells, dust particles harmful carbon monoxide, room freshener sprays, cooking smoke, cosmetics, and perfume sprays.

They can also be present inside old buildings thereby causing asthma to the people living inside those buildings. By installing an air purifier inside our living space we can able to eliminate asthma causing airborne particles from our living space. When an air purifier is installed in our living space all the dust particles from both outdoor and indoor particles also will be eliminated and we can lead a healthy life.

A relief to allergy suffers

The people who are allergic to certain dust particles and smokes, for them an air purifier is a great relief. They are the people who need an air purifier to the most. These people are very sensitive to dust particles even a small dust particle may lead to an infectious allergy to them.

Dust and smokes are very dangerous for these people and they always try to maintain some distance from them. Purchasing a purifier that helps to get rid of all the allergy-causing particles will be filtered and pure air will be delivered to the user.

Getting rid of cigarette smoke

Smoking causes serious health effects on human beings. It mainly affects the lungs and causes major diseases to them. Like lung cancer, stomach cancer, and many other breathing problems and diseases. Smoke from cigarette not only affects the person who smokes it also affects the person who inhales the smoke. Even a person who does not smoke will have the chance of getting all the serious problems faced by the smoker. So it will be very useful if an air purifier gets installed.

Normally HEPA is an air purifier that is specially designed for the purpose of removing harmful smoke from the air. The HEPA filters can remove particles from the air which is up to size 0.3 microns, where cigarette smoke particle is of size 0.4 microns. And hence these particles can be easily removed from the air. By using HEPA purification filters most of the air-related diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma can also be prevented.

Removing Asbestos

Asbestos is particles that are present in buildings and in most of the modern household things. These particles are normally present in pipes, building materials, insulation, and drywall. The age of our buildings can also determine the presence of asbestos in the air.

It is advised to use air purifiers for the worker while working in construction sites of the buildings. Also, it ensures a secure working of worker and to prevent them from getting affected by the asbestos particles.

Discarding Fumes, Pollutants and Carbon monoxide

If we are living in urban cities then it is sure that the air in urban cities in surely polluted with air pollutants like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, diesel, etc. so proper air purification and ventilation is very important in these areas. This polluted air will be present inside our homes. To escape from this if we upload an air purifier in our home then we can surely able to discard all the air pollutants from the air.

If we experience a lot of carbon dioxide in our surrounding especially in our living space then we can able to lead a healthy and peaceful life in our own style. The particles of air fresheners, dust, smokes, and many other particles can also be discarded from the air by using an air purifier.

Eliminating the contaminants

In hospitals, clinics, and offices a different kind of infection will occur. These infections spread in the air and they got settled in others’ body and these germs will make the new human body as the host and starts to develop an infection in the new host. By installing purifiers in these kinds of places, takes polluted air as the input than does some filtering process and provides the pure and fresh air to the people.

And also it helps to maintain a stress-free environment for the people. It helps to switch to a good mood; and helps to reduce stress, anxiety and other mind related problems.

There is a number of air purifiers are available in the market. If one has to lead a good and stress-free life then one has to take care of this health. Taking care of health does not mean that we should consider only healthy diet supplements. Healthy and pure air are also necessary for a healthy life.

The best air purifiers have HEPA has the 03 PURE Whole Home Air Purifier because these purifiers have high-efficiency filters and do the 100% filtering process. The important feature to the notice will buy an air purifier is to consider the capacity of the air purifier, for the particular room we are going to install. Avoid buying low-quality air purifiers while best quality filters are available in the market.


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