How long should you wear silicone scar sheets?


    Many people have scars, some of which are visible and unattractive. Fortunately, there is a way to effectively treat scars at home.

    Silicone scar sheets are the only proven way to treat scars at home. 

    What are silicone scar sheets?

    They are sheets of fabric that have been treated with silicone which is known to reduce the growth of scar tissue.

    Scar sheets are widely used to avoid new scars from forming. They are also used to reduce the appearance of older scars. The skin color is improved to become lighter and blend in with normal skin.

    Under many controlled tests scar sheets have proved to be effective and safe in preventing scars. They are certainly the best way to treat scars at home. They are easy to use and there is no great risk or side effect with them.

    Silicone scar sheets are available over the counter and at many online stores.

    Will scars disappear completely?

    Depending on the severity of the scars they may disappear or be greatly reduced. If a scar is severe it may not disappear but be reduced and become smoother. The color of the scar will change from bright red to a much lighter color.

    Doctors agree that the best silicone scar sheets should offer warmth, transpiration, moisture and a high amount of silicone to the would in order to be effective.

    Silicone is one of only two methods to remove or reduce scars. The other option is to have steroid injections.

    Unfortunately, not all scars will completely disappear with the use of scar sheets. Generally speaking, only raised scars can be treated. These are called hypertrophic scars. Raised scars are also often discolored and using scar sheets will alter the color of the scarred skin.

    Side effects of scar sheets

    A very small number of people may develop a mild rash simply because skin differs on every individual, but most people have no reaction at all to using scar sheets.

    Silicone scar sheets come with expiration dates so don’t be tempted to use them if they are out of date as they will not work properly.

    How to use scar sheets

    Depending on the severity of the scar, you will need to wear the scar sheet during the day and possibly the night. Every scar packet comes with instructions so be sure to read them before you use them. If you are in any doubt about what to do, you should talk to your doctor or pharmacist. 

    If you wear make-up, then you should not use the scar sheet as it needs to be placed on clean skin. You should also not wear sunscreen when you plan on wearing the scar sheet.

    If you have difficulty keeping the scar sheet in place – such as on the face – then you can make use of silk tape which will not irritate the skin. This will help keep the sheet in place.

    Scar sheets do not work to reduce wrinkles or fine lines, neither do they remove stretch marks.

    How long should you wear a silicone scar sheet?

    This will depend on the severity of the scar. Each scar sheet will come with its own instructions but the recommended minimum treatment is normally between 60-90 days. More severe scars may need longer.

    Many scar sheets will need to be worn during both the day and the night, again this will vary on the scar severity.

    Scar sheets should be started as soon as the wound has completely closed. They should only be used for scars that are healed up otherwise there is a risk of infection.

    The longer you wear the sheet, the faster you will see changes to the scar. You should remove the sheet once a day and wash the area before reapplying the sheets.

    You should not wear a scar sheet while you exercise or bathe because perspiration and shampoos may interfere with the sheets and make it ineffective. It is better to remove the sheet while you bathe or exercise and then place it on dry, clean skin.

    You can use scar sheets on any area of the body as long as there is no open wound. The sheets should also not come in contact with eyes or open acne lesions. If you need to reduce a scar in a hard-to-reach place such as ears, you may be better using a silicone gel instead of a sheet.

    You should start to see the scar become a little softer within 4-8 weeks, although this will vary with individuals. The thickness will also start to diminish, and the scar color will start to change.

    What if the scar sheets don’t stick?

    The most common reason for the sheets not sticking is that the skin is not completely clean. Wash the area with warm soapy water and make sure that it is completely dry before applying the sheet.

    Occasionally sheets will not stick to areas with curves such as faces. In this instance, you can make use of a silk tap to hold the sheets in place. Silk tape will not irritate the sensitive skin on the face.

    To sum up

    Remember with any scar that it can never be completely removed with a scar sheet. What does happen is that the severity is reduced, the color is toned down to blend in with the normal skin coloring? The cosmetic appearance of the scar will be greatly improved with scar sheets.

    Make sure that the scar is completely healed before you start using scar sheets and be sure to read the instructions on the packaging before you start. If in any doubt talk to your doctor or chemist.

    Scar sheets can also be used on old scars. They will help the scar to fade and shrink. The color will alter to a more neutral color and texture which is more like the rest of your skin tone.


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