How to Increase Daily Consumption of Water

How to Increase Daily Consumption of Water

The New Year has finally arrived and like many individuals you might have to consider new resolutions for the New Year. Before you renew your annual membership of your gym why not opt for a glass of water. As per ro customer care health benefits of water are immense. In fact it could provide a jump start to your health.

No more nutrients are beneficial to your body than water. As all of us are aware human body is incorporated with 60 % of water. It helps in the functions of various systems of human body in an efficient manner. In drinking water there are several advantages presented to the human body.

The health benefits associated with water

If you drink adequate water it lifts your mood, paves way for health and clean skin while eradicating stress levels. As a natural detoxifier with the aid of kidneys it flushes out the unwanted toxins from the human body.

This is not all the benefits that you can expect from water as one of the most notable features is that it helps you to burn body fat at an alarming pace. Research does point to the fact that if you drink around 30 pounces of water over the course of one year it would help you to cut down on 4.4 pounds of fat.

When you have consumed a meal drinking water could help you to curb down your appetite. This would lead to fewer calories being consumed. Such a practice could lead to an improvement in your weight loss levels as well.

What is the exact amount of water that you are going to need?

Considering importance of water for your day to day needs it is important to be hydrated on all counts. You will be surprised to find out that people do suffer from chronic depression and they are not in a position to undertake even routine set of functions in their daily day to day life. Though the exact amount of water that you need would depend upon the activity levels that you indulge. For women it would be around 10 cups of water a day and in case of men it is around 15 cups of water a day. If all this may sound scary there are various ways by which you can incorporate water in your day to day life

You can give your water a flavour makes over

If plain water does not seem appealing you can give a makeover to your water by adding some flavours to it. Numerous products are available in the market that would pep up the water levels.

Be part of foods where the water content is on the higher side

Mere being hydrated is not having sufficient amount of water. If you incorporate foods that are rich in water as part of your diet this would work wonders.


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