How to prevent getting deported from the US


Deportation is forceful transportation of illegal citizens back to their homelands. Deportation is the nightmare of every immigrant in the United States. Immigrants, especially the ones with expired visas who are still in the country try everything possible to escape being deported to their country. Wondering why immigrants insist on staying in the United States illegally? Some of the reasons why many immigrants prefer to stay in the country as illegal immigrants rather than returning to their homeland after their visa expires are:

  • Employment: most immigrants are from countries where unemployment is very common. Immigrants easily get jobs and financial help in the United States than they do in their homelands due to the high number of jobs available in the United States.

  • Security: some immigrants are asylum seekers in the country because they came to the country as tourists but decided not to go back after the expiration of their visa due to the fear of not being safe in their home country.

  • Marital affairs: some immigrants prefer to stay in the United States because they are in a relationship with someone in the country who is a legal citizen or immigrant. Most times, they do not want to get separated from their loved ones.

Even though immigrants do not like being deported, it is so unfortunate that many of them get deported from time to time. Most immigrants keep wondering how to live in the country as an immigrant and avoid getting deported. Below are some important things to do to avoid getting deported from the United States:

Respect the visa terms – one of the most common acts that get immigrants deported in the United States is the inability to respect or abide by their visa terms. Each visa has its stated terms, which are expected of you to be abided. A very good example is the tourist visa, which is a type of visa that allows you to be a visitor in the country for a very short period. A tourist visa does not allow anyone to work or change address without notifying the UCIS. Some immigrants who have tourist visas do misuse it by staying in the country for over the stated time or even work illegally in the country. To avoid getting deported, it is important to maintain the status of your visa. For instance, if what you have is a tourist visa, do not stop being a tourist. If it is a student visa, do not do anything else, then studying, etc.

If you are planning to move to the US and your country is among the visa waiver program countries, then you should submit ESTA and also check your ESTA validity.

UCIS notification – another reason why immigrants get deported is making a sudden change in the address given in your visa terms while you’re in the country without notifying the UCIS before doing so. Moving from one’s address can be as a result of security or other important issues but notwithstanding, the UCIS should be notified before moving as any unusual change in address can be interpreted as an attempt to take to your heels. For instance, if someone who has Brooklyn, New York as his address in the visa moves to Alaska without notifying the UCIS, such change in address can lead to getting deported if such person gets caught. To avoid getting deported, it is advisable to always notify the UCIS before changing your address.

Be a good alien – being an immigrant in the United States is very nice because society has a nice attitude towards immigrants. As an immigrant, it is expected that you have good character, it is also expected of you to be law-abiding. Immigrants with good characters who have had the green card for five years can become a citizen of the country. That is one of the reasons why being a law-abiding immigrant is good. If one is not a law-abiding immigrant, it can make one get deported as the law frowns at immigrants doing criminal acts. To avoid getting deported from the United States, it is an important thing to stay out of trouble with the law as it will damage one’s reputation and may get one deported.

Never violate immigration laws – common immigration laws that have been violated by immigrants in the United States over the years include trafficking of illegal immigrants into the country, hiding unwanted illegal immigrants and fake marriage. If you do not want to get deported from the United States, it is very much advisable to stay away from those acts. Immigrants should note that organizing a fake marriage for the sake of the green card or citizenship is a very bad decision as the risk of getting caught is high. If a marriage gets investigated, and it is found out that the union is fake, the probability of getting deported is high.


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