How Your Intranet Can Support a Great Employee Experience

Employee Experience

Success of business is mostly more than just making sales and having a good customer experience. We often forget that businesses can be run even better if companies actually start paying attention to internal assets, one of which is greatest and that are the employees of your company. Making your employees experience worthwhile is actually greater than anything else because satisfied employees will take your business to next level just by being productive.

Neglecting employees and focusing on customers is the main mantra of most companies, they don’t pay any attention to give priority to their employees. Employee satisfaction can have great benefits for your company and they are as important as your customers. Employees play a far greater role in your company than their regular work hours, that is why often the holistic word is used for employee experience.

Employees experience can include a few of the following:

  • Workspace and overall work environment
  • Work-life balance
  • Digital tools and software support
  • Internal relationship of employees with one another and management
  • Salary and extra benefits
  • Learning opportunities and career development

The above mentioned are a few of the things that will make your employees experience great and in turn drive efficiency, productivity and absolute retainment of your top workforce. According to a recent study by Deloitte, most of the companies consider employees experience associated with the progress of the company, but around 59% of those companies are not ready to address the challenges related to make employees experience absolutely better. Many companies don’t feel that their current internal processes and strategies are not working well.

While the employee experience is gaining a lot of momentum in today’s corporate world, solutions are also on the rise. Today’s corporations are working to improve their employee experience. When we talk about employee experience, it is impossible to do it without mentioning intranet, we have also taken a look into it and found that intranet is definitely one of the main factors to consider when talking about improving employee performance. An intranet is in fact so good in improving employee experience in the organization, that we have compiled a list of ways in which intranet can make your employee experience more productive and fruitful.

1. Digital Workspace Entry

The technology has already taken over today’s workspaces, but with modern tools and documentation methods, it has become a bit harder to choose the best for your corporation. Even some organizations use the cheapest tools for work which in turns makes work burden and frustrate employees. The glitches in unreliable tools can make it impossible for employees to not get irritated, which affects their productivity in the longer run. Today’s employees expect technology to be integrated into their workplace and only the best technology can do a job of running your business productively while keeping your employees hooked.

2. Employee Feedback

This is what most corporation lacks and can drive even the most productive and innovative employees away from your company. When you introduce technology in your workforce, you have to make sure that you get feedback from all your employees because unsatisfied technology requirements of employees can turn in too deep frustrations. You can have positive reviews about on tool from one department and the other one in the same company may not appreciate it much because it doesn’t suit their work requirements. Occasional feedbacks from employees will help you assess your company’s current situation and employee satisfaction over the tools that you have provided.

Make sure to also entertain those feedbacks with actions because otherwise the whole thing would just be a formality and can make employees feel undesirable. If you can’t entertain all feedbacks at least try to work on the ones that are common among most team members.

3. Flexible Working

This will increase your employee’s productivity in ways that you can’t even imagine, you should always be a supporter of flexible working hours because your employees will love you for it. This flexibility gives employees a chance at work-life balance and achieves overall well being including physical, professional and emotional. If you are not supporting flexible working, then you are not doing right by your employees because the most progressed companies in the world are supporting flexible working hours. When employees feel stuck at work, that means danger for your company because such feelings can result in lower productivity and a big turn over rate.

An intranet is best for employees who want to do flexible work because they can work from anywhere in this case and the secure and accessible mobile intranet will give your employees the freedom to work on crucial tasks without actually worrying about physical presence. The modern and secure tools will help your sensitive information to stay secure so you won’t have to be worried if a remotely located employee can steal your data or resources. The modern monitoring tools will also ensure that your employees are being honest with their work without frustrating them.

4. Make Employees Priority

In the end, it is important to let go of traditional working values and introducing the new ones which can make your employees experience a lot better.


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