Knowing The Right SQL Developer Hiring Techniques

Knowing The Right SQL Developer Hiring Techniques

Retailer, airlines, banks, app development companies, hospitals, government, retailers,etc. need to unify the information that is pertinent to run these organizations’ daily routine operations. There are a number of requirements as per the area of operation of the user as per which the system requires to work.

From banks allover the globe to small shops in any town need to have a database, and most of all among them use SQL for database management. Each individual that has admittance to technology sooner or later traces something of SQL which makes SQL skilled person much in demand in IT firms and companies.

To get more information about SQL, a survey form Interview Mocha surveyed a cluster of its customers recently to know about the SQL conducted by a reputed company.

Below mentioned are the SQL hiring findings that were attained from the survey.

Demand for SQL developer

SQL, being one the most demanded skills in the U.S., pays about 70.217$. SQL has been ranked to pin-demand consistently for the IT skills sector for the year 2016.

Companies want to organise their large amount of data, and this need has sequentially create denormous demand for SQL developers and administrators. SQL now is among st the most desirable job skills.

SQL skill is sturdiest across the IT careers that include data analyst, computer programmer, business analyst or IT manager.

What are customers using?

Customers across the globe are using numerous SQL including the hiring analytics. Using hiring analytics, it has become possible for companies to track and measure the metrics that are helpful in SQL hiring. SQL usually customized according to the role for a job the company requires.

How to choose the right SQL skill assessment?

All skill assessments are not “universal skill benchmark” thing. It should always be kept in mind that for every sort of job there is a customized based assessment that is based on a company’s need, position, and preference.

Selecting a suitable assessment system is very crucial for building a high-quality success gaining team. There are different types of techniques that can be chosen to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge. These techniques are well designed to assess and quantify the skills of SQL developer. Depending on specific job roles, below mentioned techniques could be conducted:

Database SQL fundamental assessment techniques: this SQL skill comprises of the questions on the concepts like SQL basic, DBMS,Data Modelling, and PL/SQL concepts

techniques can be helpful in firing:

  • SQL Database Administrator
  • Database Developer
  • Database Expert

Developer techniques for Microsoft SQL Server 2012:  the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 developer technique covers significant questions based on the concept of Extended Events, Table-Valued Functions, XML Data, and Refactoring Requirements.

A candidates Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Administrative techniques can also be accessed to cover the topics such as OLTP applications, Merging Replication, Storage Area Network (SAN), SQL Server, and Transnational and Relational Database.

Above mentioned techniques will be useful in hiring:

  • MSSQL Server Developer
  • SQL Server Developer

Microsoft SQL Assessment technique:

For 0-2 entry level: MS SQL has been designed to assess a candidate in the area of SQL Queries, SQL Server Development, Performance Tuning, MySQL, Oracle,and DBMS concept.

For 2-4; Experienced: the online MS SQL consists of meaningful problems base don Stored Procedure, SQL server 2008, Transact SQL Statement, Truncate Statements, triggers.

Conducting these technique will be useful for hiring:

  • MSSQL Server Developer
  • Application Developer for MS SQL
  • SQL Server Developer

PostgreSQL Assessment technique: The PostgreSQL Assessment technique comprises of meaning questions on PostgreSQL commands, SQL statements, PostgreSQL, transactions, and relational data model. This is validated by Subject Matter Experts.

This technique is helpful in the hiring of:

  • PostgreSQL Database Administrator
  • Software Engineer PostgreSQL
  • System Software Engineer PostgreSQL
  • T-SQL Developer –PostgreSQL

Assessment technique for MS SQL Server 2005/2008: the online technique for SQL Server 2008 is developed and designed to help recruiters and employers evaluate the knowledge of Structured Query Language of the candidates. This technique consists of meaningful Database Management, SQL Queries, and MS SQL questions.

MS SQL Server 2005/2008 is a pre-employment technique useful for the hiring of:

  • SQL Database Administrator
  • Senior Database Administrator
  • Junior Database Administrator

MySQL Assessment Technique: this technique has been developed to evaluate SQL understanding of the developer and to achieve that, the MySQL online technique has meaningful questions based the concept of Triggers, Security, INFORMATION_SCHEMA, MySQL Data type, MySQL Cluster, MySQL indexes, and tables to help proper execution and purpose of this assessment.

This pre-employment online technique is helpful in hiring:

  • MySQL Database Administrator
  • PHP and Word press Developer
  • Web Designer and Web Developer

MySQL DBA Assessment Technique:  MySQL DBA Assessment online technique has meaningful questions that are based on MySQL, Shell Programming, Data warehousing, and DBA to extract all the details about the same from the candidate.

Sucha pre-employment online technique will be useful in hiring:

  • MySQL Database Administrator
  • Junior Database Administrator MySQL
  • Senior Database Administrator MySQL

It must also be noted that the candidates can be assessed for SSIS and SSRS frameworks by the use of following techniques:

SSRS 2008 Assessment:To assess the SSRS skills of candidates, SSRS assessment technique is developed that contain the topics on the following basis: Reporting Service Tools, SSRS Security Management, Internet Information Services, Report Server Database, and Report Configuration.

This technique will be useful in the pre-employment hiring of:

  • SSRS Developer (0-3 years of experience)
  • SQL Database Developer – SSRS

SSIS 2008 assessment technique: The SSIS online pre-employment technique st has been specially developed to technique heck practical skills, application of an SSIS developers per the Industry Standards. The SSIS 2008 assessment technique contains meaningful questions based on SSIS Packages, Data Flow Task and Components, Database Configuration and BI Development Studio.

This technique will be helpful in hiring:

  • SSIS Developer (0-3 years of experience)
  • SQL Database Developer – SSIS


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