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The leading process vis-a-vis directing process and highlight the importance of leading in the contemporary business context. Optimisation through specialisation and division of labour is the point that one should note in this definition. Plans are mental pictures and the frontal lobe of the brain is connected with it. However, unless these mental schemas are converted into a comprehensible and transmittable form, we cannot process the plans. If you say that you have a plan, you are likely to be told to put it on paper and submit it, because plans have to be vetted and evaluated by the senior management, the funding agen­cies, and executed by officials.

When you undertake activities to fulfil a goal as per a plan, it is quite natural that small and large deviations take place. If these are not corrected in time, their cumulative effect could result in failure to achieve goals. Controlling can be defined as monitoring and evaluating activities, and providing corrective mechanisms.

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It drives the ecosystem within which the staff gets into exe­cution mode and so, influences both individual and group behaviour. Third, managers can go beyond providing guidance and encourage, instruct, and inspire people to accomplish, which becomes even more supporting.

A detailed planning is done in the beginning but the actual performance is reviewed and suitable changes are made in plans when actual execution is done. Plans may be of many kinds, such as- short range plans, medium range plans, long range plans, standing plans, single use plans, strategic plans, administrative plans and operational plans. In order to control business operations, you should be good at keeping an eye on everything—where everything is, what is going on, and how people are performing. This means taking the right steps and taking corrective action when something goes wrong.

  • Internet changes the world and connects the people also deliver the users to keep in touch with the latest inventions and news.
  • It is only grown in youth with high dimensions and more graphics.
  • It is one of the oldest platforms of media and people went to the theaters to watch it but know people can watch movies at home via safelight and cable in HD resolution.
  • Now games are also available on mobile phones and people are easily accessible to them.
  • The majority of the users prefer the internet to watch news quickly.

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Planning is an ongoing process, a persuasive function and done across the levels of management. Planning is the first and foremost function of the management. Manager has to determine in advance netgear genie software what it is to be done, when it is to be done, and how it is to be done.

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Coordination is the process of synchronising the diverse functions of domains and securing unity of action. The charioteer has to drive all die horses in one direction. Once plans are put in place, and the structure of the organization has been designed, managers seek to fill up the organizational slots with suitable manpower. v. Coordinating the functions of different departments for accomplishing the overall goals of an organization. Determining the total activities of business essential to accomplish organizational objectives.


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