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Picovico has been successfully providing its services to a large number of customers globally, as well as thanksgiving just around the corner, and we would like to thank each and every one of you. One of the Biggest questions we receive is regarding”How to scan and digitize older family photos?” . Thus, we thought, what might be a better approach to answer this query than writing a whole blog listing all the probable solutions. Employing the Smartphone CameraThe easiest solution would be to use your smartphone’s built on camera. Together with the top excellent camera these days, your photos should come out quite great. When you have snapped those previous photographs, you can transfer them to your computerand upload them storage, or place them on your social networking profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, etcfor the entire world to view. Furthermore, if you’ve got a DSLR, or some other fancy digital camera, that will work too. Utilizing ScannerDo you’ve got a scanner at home? Or office? Photos scanned with scanners will likely appear better than the ones you snap with your smart phone . However, you need to make certain your printed photographs are dust free, as scanners will readily pick up them. If you have hundreds of photos to be scanned, you’re better off Preserve your Old Family Photos Digitize and Create a Video – Picovico Birthday Video Maker Blog purchasing a scanner (that of course can be used to scan other documents too). While scanners might seem quite costly, you should have the ability to find a decent one for somewhere around $100. Check this for instance. Amazon link. Utilizing Photo Scanner AppAnother fast way to digitize your old published photos will be to use scanner programs. There are plenty of free ones and a great deal of other apps that require in-app purchases. The scanning you do from picture scan apps will only appear as great as the quality of your camera. A number of those photograph scanner apps you need to test are Heirloom, Shoebox, along with Google’s Photoscan. Photoscan is the latest photo scanner app, and personally, I love it. Photoscan generates high quality digitized version of the old printed-family photos. Among those three aforementioned methods should be just fine to digitize your old family photos. But if you are not satisfied with the outcomes, or you don’t have an adequate camerathen you can always outsource it to specialist photograph scanners. That’s going to cost a buck or 2 though. Bonus Tips:You can use older damagedphoto restoration services to eliminate scratches, including missing parts, fix ruined edges or even colorize pictures. This will breath a new life to your old photographs


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