Some Common Things About Drone


Drone is no doubt becoming a common thing these days. Many people want a drone for their own for fun or as a hobby. Quadcopters are best for shooting aerial videos and photos. Many professionals use the drones for shooting and many news reporters use this for shooting video of large crowds. It is very helpful for taking video where it is different to move for a cameraman. We also have compiled the list of Top 8 Starter Drones which you can buy right now. Moreover, the drones are easily available on the market for civilians. A quadcopter has four propellers that help him fly and maneuver in the air. There are many companies that are manufacturing drones and there are new features adding every year. Nowadays, drones have GPS and gyroscope-like sensors that help it in maintaining a stable flight.

What Things You Need to Fly A Drone

Whenever a newbie sees a drone, he started to think about how the controls of a drone work? All of the gadgets such as RC cars and drones use a remote control to control them. Moreover, there are smartphone apps too available that helps you control your drone via Bluetooth. But not all of the models have their dedicated apps. Most of the cheap drones do not have this feature. They only have a dedicated remote with a limiting range.

Like other vehicles, your drone can also be damaged in case it crashes. The propellers of the drone can be damaged easily during a crash. That is why we recommend the newbies to buy an extra pair of propellers and the tools needed for changing them. Some of the drones have protector around the propellers that save the propellers from getting damage and for injuring someone.

When it comes to the flight time of an average drone, it is about 5 to 10 minutes only. Anyhow, you can buy an extra pair of batteries for increasing your battery time. But remember that these batteries also need time for charging. The average flight time can be affected by the use of camera and blade protectors. Cheap models do not have a camera so when you add a camera it can decrease flight time.


Just like any other gadget, the quadcopter also has accessories such as batteries, charger, cables, and propellers etc. You can buy these accessories from the market when they get damaged.

License for Flying Quadcopter

Yes, you need a pilot’s license for flying your drone but not in all cases. Drone is basically an aircraft and that is why you may need a license for flying it. The people who are using toy grade drones do not need a license. There are some conditions too like if your drone weighs more than 0.55lbs then you have to register it with FAA and need an aircraft identification number. But if you know the rules and following it then you can fly it without a license.

You should avoid flying your drone above the height of 400ft above the ground. Moreover, it is your responsibility to keep your quadcopter in your sight all the times during the flight. If you are using your drone for shooting videos for your own then you do not need a license. But if you are shooting it for commercial purposes then you must have a license. You can check the FAA website for the instructions

Headless Mode

If you have already visited the market for buying a drone, then you have already encountered the term headless. AN RC car can only go forward and backward direction while a drone has the ability to bank and yaw sideways, up and down. The remote control of the drone uses two stick to control your drone. When you push the keys sideways, the drone also goes sideways. But when you push it up and down, it goes in upward and downward direction respectively.

While flying a drone, it is difficult to guess which side is head and which is tail. The headless mode removes this confusion by following the directions from the remote control. So, when you move forward, it move forward and when you want it to move backward, it move backwards.


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