Some tips that will allow you to effectively spruce up your college essay


When it comes to writing college essays, the most common struggle students face is not being able to make their essays stand out. It can be quite challenging to do that because there are so many other applicants who are trying to do the same thing. In order to help you out through this process, we have created a list of tips that you can use to your advantage. So in order to know more about these, continue reading the article till the end.

  • Read the topic properly

Students often make the mistake of not reading the prompt thoroughly which causes them to miss out on some important details that the admissions board wants to see in the essay. In order to analyze the prompt properly, you should sit down and give it some thought and try to think about why the admissions board is asking you this topic. This may sound like a redundant thing to do, it will definitely be helpful with your writing and save you from some trouble later on. 

  • Being organized 

The next thing that you need to do is organize your thoughts and ideas neatly so that you can write a convincing essay. This part is also highly important because once you outline what you have to write, you won’t come across many writer’s blocks and you will also know how your essay will be structured. Keep in mind, you will be required to fit a lot of information in some very limited space so it is important that you use the space efficiently and effectively. 

  • Show rather than tell

The reader does not want a list of your skills, but they will be interested in knowing how you have used these skills in the past. Think of two to three important skills, and then think of all the reasons as to how these skills make you stand out from the rest and add to your strengths. We highly advise you to use specific examples, for instance, what did you do that made a specific project successful, or how have you used your skills to resolve a crucial issue. The reader will want to know the best parts about you so that you are a potential asset for them.

  • Actively seek out help

If you find yourself struggling a lot with writing the essay, you can seek out help from writing services like which will make your job and life a lot easier. Apart from that, college essays can be further improved and enhanced with the opinions and advice of your peers and friends.

Don’t be hesitant to ask your professors because they are in the field and they know what other educators are looking for. When they see an enthusiastic student, they will be more than happy to help and guide you in the right direction. Your peers who are in the same situation as you will also have some great pointers to tell you.


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