Tea Shop Names Ideas


So what is your plan? “Chai ki tapli”? Amongst the various business plans, a tea shop always goes well. Each one has their own specialty of preparing their tea. Sometimes the flavors work well and for few it’s the magic of the leaves.

So having a unique name for the business is what takes our thinking caps. Probably we can help you with the choice of the name. You get the last call for the name but for your assistance we have suggested you with few names you can choose from-

Tea Shop Names Ideas

Tantalizing tea Yours tea Treat with tea
Tea café Ranges in tea The perfect tea
Masala chai Tea trails Sweet tea
Tandoor tea Chai ki chuski Saucers
Chocolate tea Gupshup tea Royal tea
Variety in tea Puerh tea Tea tric
Addictive tea Warmth in tea Tea spot
Chaayos Tea diaries Tea drinkers
Dorotea Thea Sarovar
Fujian tay Kermit tea Bubble tea


How can you select your tea shop names-?

For a tea shop name, it matters where you are going to open your shop. For a local shop name, it is suitable to go with a funky name or a name which surmises a message. It attracts a crowd. It’s not necessary to keep up taglines for a tea shop as a simple name in this business suits in absence of tagline. So choose the name of your shop wisely.

Oasis tea Tea that you like Subtle tea
Cold tea Assam secret Que herbal tea
Medicated tea Gulmohar Cup o tea
The tea shop The Darjeeling treat Teaspire
Desert tea Queke tea Morning Fizz
Health enhanced tea Saffron sip Cuppa chai
Tea therapy Waah chai Teanjoy
Steaming hot Orga tea Nature close tea
Tapioca tea Tea to go The refreshing chai
Whats your taste Carry out tea (your name) special chai
              Good Names for Tea Shops

Points to be considered while choosing your tea shop names-

Presently flavored tea is more preferred in comparison to regular tea. So if you are providing variety in tea you should specify them as it will make you different from your competition. While starting your business of tea shop you need to put the following things in mind.

  • The theme of the shop matters. If you are opening a small shop, then choose a crowded area.
  • For sophisticated shops choose a larger area and base the shop on a selective theme as it will draw customers. Design your menu with an interesting name of the beverage. It’s good to be a bit experimental.
  • For a catering style of tea shop go with a funky name and display your offerings. Presently digital display is working wonders.
  • The open tea shop is good at crowded region so placing a few seating tables and an open tea shop will draw you required attention and will help you boom your business. For a small shop always have snacks along with the beverage.

Chai Shop Names

Bubble tea Steeping brew tea Retro bubble
Moo brew Only tea Bobayum
Kre8ive tea The taste is real Tearl
Tealixir Tea freal Party tea
Enti tea IJsthee Cha Cha chai
Tropipop Telicious Total tea
Bubblz Aromatherapy Teazilla
TruSplash Dew tea Tidal tea
Green tea Chai ka maza Special tea
Cha cha cha Hug in a cup Cup of matcha
Cutting chai Special chai Good cuppa
tealicious Mad hatters Mellow infusions


Now you know the dos and don’ts while opening a tea shop and we hope your business will escalate to be known as a renowned stop for beverage lovers. In case you have a specific concept with you we can help you decide with your menu names along with your shop names. So get to us and we can help you design your business.


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