The Importance Of Customer Portals For Businesses

    The Importance Of Customer Portals For Businesses
    The Importance Of Customer Portals For Businesses

    If you feel that your company and brand need to be more customer-centric but have maxed out on introducing centricity in your products and services, you could take this approach a step further and consider building customer portals. This way you would be able to center your business processes around your customers, their needs, and their valuable feedback. Not only would this give your business a competitive edge over your competitors, but you would also witness an increase in profitability and rapid growth.

    Customer portals are essentially safe and self-serving websites that allow companies to share product and service information with their potential customers with ease, in addition to allowing customers to search and review that information, which engaging in a dialogue of either experience or opinion about the company’s overall operations. Well-designed customer portals can be thought of as a gateway between a business and its clients for information sharing purposes. It allows the company to also share any relevant news or articles for the benefit of their customers. Businesses looking to build a customer portal should look towards established portal website examples to understand them better.

    The importance of customer portals in this sense can hardly be undermined, and listed below are a few points that summarize their importance:

    1.Customer portals provide self-help and troubleshooting information

    Every product or service can experience troubles when the consumer is using them, and customer portals for all businesses feature a self-help portal to help customers find solutions to simple problems or errors related to the product. They also feature manuals for all products that the customer and search through if they are looking to turn on or off a particular function. These portals also feature demonstration videos, have a section for frequently asked questions and also have a customer discussion portal where all customer can come together to discuss possible issues or queries about the product amongst themselves.

    2.Customer portals help reduce costs

    Customer portals reduce the company’s overall labor cost as the help centers are bothered with calls regarding simple everyday issues or queries and overall employee productivity is increased. A decrease in load in customer service centers also means that you would require lesser labor in that department. This also helps reduce the average waiting time for customer calls greatly.

    3.Customer portals help create engagement and a sense of community

    Customer portals greatly help in increasing your interaction with your customers on a daily basis. This is achieved as you get constant feedback from troubled and happy customers to which you canreply back promptly. To add to this, customers coming together and interacting amongst themselves creates a sense of community and belongingness in them with regards to your brand or product. This is ultimately beneficial for your company and adds to your repute and brand loyalty.

    4.Customer portals help in research and development

    Customer portals greatly aid the research and development department of a business as they get constant input from users about their products. They have the data and insights to know what they need to fix in newer product versions and what added features customers are looking for too.


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