The purpose of a CT scan


CT scan is referred to as CAT or computed topography. With the aid of a scan the doctors are able to figure out what happens in your body.  Always opt for the best CT scan centre in Bangalore, as the medical professionals are experts who can diagnose case by cases in an easy manner. With a combination of computer and an X ray machine you can create pictures of organs, bones along with other tissues. In comparison to a regular X ray a lot more details are depicted. One can opt for a CT scan in any part of the human body. It is a painless procedure and is not going to take a lot of your time.

The modus of operation with regards to a CT scan?

A narrow X ray beam which goes on to circle a particular area of the body. From different angles a series of images are provided. With the help of a computer a cross sectional picture is created as well. You can compare it to a single piece of load of bread with the two dimensional piece the entire structure of your body can be seen.

This part of procedure is repeated so as to conduct a number of slices. The computer will go on to stack one image on top of the other so that a 3 D dimensional picture is created. It does present the doctor with a better view of bones, organs or the blood vessels in your body. Say for example the surgeon is going to look at this scan to observe all sides of a body before performing a major operation.

The manner by which CT scans is undertaken?

 As can is suggested at a radiology clinic or a hospital. The doctor is going to ask you not to eat or drink a few hours before the operation. One may have to wear a hospital gown, and any metal objects like jewellery need to be removed from your body.

The radiologist technical person is going to undertake the scan. At this point of time you are going to lie down inside a large do nut shaped structure. Once the table makes its way in a slow manner through the scanner the X rays are going to rotate around the body. A blurring sound is common during the scan. The movement can go on to blur the image, and for this you might be asked to be still. At certain times you need to be holding your breath.

The duration of the scan would depend on the parts of the body that are subject to scanning. From a few minutes to a couple of hours it can take. The chances are that on the same day you might go home as well.

The reasons for using the best CT scan in Bangalore?

The doctors are going to suggest CT scans for numerous reasons

  • With the help of a CT scan you can detect bone or joint problems. This can be tumors or complex bone fractures.
  •  In case if you have a condition like liver masses or a heart condition, the CT scan can spot it on an immediate basis or the doctor can find out any changes.
  • Internal injuries can be found out like the ones that arise from a car accident
  • You can locate a blood clot, excess fluid or any type of infection
  • Doctors rely on a CT scan in relation to treatment procedures or plans in the form of surgeries,biopsies or radiation therapy.
  • With the help of a CT scan the doctor can figure out whether any form of treatment is working or not.If you conduct scans over due course of time on a tumor it can easily detect whether chemotherapy or radiation treatment is working or not

Definition of a CT scan with a contrast?

When you are conducting CT scan dense substances in the form of a bone can be easily seen. The problem is that the soft tissues are not going to show up. They look a lot faint during the course of the image. So that they appear special you may need a special dye that is referred to as the contrasting material. They are going to block the x rays and will appear white on the screen whereby highlighting organs, tissues along with the surrounding structures. The main contrasting material that is put to use are barium sulfate or iodine. These drugs can be imparted in the following ways

  • Injection- You goes onto administer this injection directly on to the vein. It goes on to help the vein, urinary tract or gall bladder to stand out in the image
  • Orally- when you drink a fluid with a contrasting material would go on to enhance the scans of the digestive tract. This is the pathway of food across the body
  • Enema- In case if the intestines of your body happen to be scanned, you can insert the contrasting material in your rectum

Once the CT scan is over the doctor will ask you to drink plenty of water as it would help the kidneys to remove the contrasting material from the body.

Do you consider any risks associated with a CT scan?

CT scans are known to rely on X rays that go on to incorporate ionizing radiation. Research does point out that with this type of radiation your DNA will be damaged leading to a strong possibility of cancer. Though the risk does appear to be on the smaller side as the risk of a fatal cancer is very rare in the region of 1 out of 2000.

The effect of radiation adds up over the course of your lifetime as well.  With each and every CT scan you are going to get the risk would increase. Do discuss with your doctor the pros and cons of this scan so that you are better informed on what to expect. The key is to opt for it when it is only necessary.


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