Top 5 Trending Android Apps for Couples


Valentine’s Day has long passed, but the number of loving couples hasn’t decreased in the world because of that. Now, hundreds of men are looking for hot Russian brides. They create relationships, take trips, enjoy life, have fun, make love, and start families. However, sometimes people face some obstacles that prevent them from meeting, but they still want to communicate and once again be a little closer to each other. Nowadays, there are many ways that will help fix the situation: there are telephones, video calls, and different apps for couples.

  1.    Couple – Relationship

This is a useful Android app for people in love. The essence of the app is simple – it allows partners to create their own schedule of their relationships as well as to share photos, videos, data, and audio clips.

In addition, the app has a calendar, instant messaging service (like Whatsapp), and it provides an opportunity to draw pictures together, while the search function helps you find romantic and cozy cafes and nightclubs in your city. This app is already used by about three million couples around the globe.

  1.    Couple Tracker

Sadly, many couples break up, and nobody can do anything about that. The root causes can be very different, but often everything is quite prosaic – one of the partners is cheating on the soulmate. Trust issues are the most common reasons for a breakup.

Couple tracker can become a safety ring and help meet this challenge, adding transparency to the relationship of the couple. The very idea is that the app allows you to look through the history of calls, messages, Whatsapp, Facebook, and even the GPS coordinates of your beloved one. Some couples are willing to download this application but remember that it is illegal to use it if your beloved one is not aware of this.

  1.    Our Groceries Shopping List

As soon as you decide to start living together, household scores begin to take your time. Someone must take care of more routine spheres of life, such as cooking, paying electricity bills, and weekly purchases. This app will ease at least one of these tasks. The program allows you to create shared shopping lists and classify them into sections.

You can create lists using inline elements or add your own, and then share them with your partner. As soon as one of you buys a product, you delete it from the list, and the changes will be synchronized between all connected devices.

  1.    Avocado

Avocado is an interesting and safe way for couples to stay in touch. You can share messages, media content and use the integrated calendar to remind you of someone’s birthday, anniversary, and other big events. For people who are in a long-distance relationship, the app offers virtual embraces and kisses, making you feel that your loved one is always there. The app even lets you know about the battery power of your partner, so that you will not be confused if your calls will be ignored!

The application also uses advanced data encryption and protection elements, so your messages, photos, videos, and other secrets are protected and will not be available to other users.

  1.    Duet

The motto of the Duet app may sound like, “Let’s do it together!” By downloading it and connecting your account with your partner’s one, you can share your time-sharing offers: go to a concert or a walk, have a party or a romantic candlelight dinner, read a book or watch a movie — in a word, do whatever comes into your head. You can accept, reject your partner’s offer as well as suggest something in return. In addition, you can exchange shopping lists and share your impressions, using text notes, photos or video clips.


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