What is TestNG? Why do we need TestNG in Selenium?

TestNG in Selenium
TestNG in Selenium

Definition of software testing

The word software is very common these days. Software testing can be described as an activity to make sure whether the actual outcomes go well with the expected outcomes and to confirm that the software is without defect. It takes in the execution of a system component or software component to weigh up one or more attributes of interest.

Software testing as well assists to make out errors, missing requirements or gaps as opposed to the real requirements. You can carry it out manually or utilizing automated tools. Some prioritize saying software testing to be the black box or white box testing.

In very lucid language, testing implies verification of AUT or application under test. Candidates are administered questions for their assessment online, or they are given software testing interview questions to measure their knowledge in software testing so that companies can benefit from their know-how.

Meaning of selenium

Selenium makes a web testing tool that utilizes easy scripts to perform tests straight in a browser. To put it in simple words, it automates browsers.

This forms a movable software testing framework meant for web applications that offer a playback or record tool needed for scripting tests with no need to learn a test writing language – seleniums IDE

TestNG in Selenium

Need testing in selenium

Selenium as well offers a test area-specific language or selenite to author tests in a lot of well-accepted programming languages that include Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl, Groovy, and C#. These tests may after this be carried out next to modern web browsers; selenium is capable of deploying on Linux, Macintosh, and Windows platforms. 

Selenium is not merely free, but also an open-source. When it is set up, it makes an effective manner to produce test scripts, confirm functionality and use again these scripts within automated test frameworks.

Selenium needs a considerable quantum of technical know-how and also third-party tools to turn out to be fully functional.

In addition, its simplicity of utilization at the GUI level is able to hoodwink testers into overdoing it for testing low layers within the software store. Nevertheless, below are stated some positive properties of testing with selenium:

Selenium benefits

Selenium does not cost upfront from your pocket. It happens to be a free download, and also support tends to be free also, though it can be said to be community-based.

Though selenium possesses its own writing languages, you do not are confined to scripting in that language because it is in a position to function with language bindings to back anything your testers or developers feel ease at which include Python, PHP, JavaScript, Java, C# and a lot more.

Selenium scripts can be produced by recording action utilizing the web applications under examination or test running within a browser. Such scripts may be saved and then run any time again.


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