What Type of Interview You Use?


Interviews have always been a strong part of any recruitment program. Whether a SME or a multi-national organization; these interviews get conducted to assess the candidates in the most effective manner. Interview shave been there for decades but the ways in which they get conducted have been getting transformed with changing times. New and advanced features are getting introduced so as to make interviews much more result oriented and effective.

There are organizations that use online interview test so as to make their interview absolutely effective and efficient. Of course interviewers have diverse types of methods and styles of interviewing. The chief aim of the interviewer is to search out whether the applicant can act as pert the different situations and circumstances or not. It is not just about the core area of the performance but overall personality too. The interviewers always try to extract the maximum information from your candidate so as to understand the outcome of the interview. You can always use a test to find out how effective your interviews are. Do you think that your interview has the capacity to examine the candidates in an effective, robust and professional manner? You should try out a test to assess the potential and caliber of your interviews and you can make the modifications asper the need. 

Different kinds of interviews

There are different types of interviews that get used by the organizations for recruitment. Have a look below:

Behavioural interview

These behavioral based interviews are the interviews that are base don the behavior and the overall past experiences of the interviewer. The interview is even based on the past performance of the applicants.  It is the reason the star based interviews are now done. Actually these star based behavioral interviews are the interviews that have questions consist of task, situations, action and even result. These work as a framework for showcasing different situations or endeavors and defining the actions that one took and what the outcomes obtained was. When you state such types of facts try to remember that the chief purpose of such interviews is that the interviewers are trying to find a capable leader who is creative, optimistic and a team player. You can have such an interview in your recruitment program and you never know you make the best recruitment’s.

The Case interviews

These case questions are one of the commonly used types of interview methods. In this kind of interview, the interviewer showcases a scenario to the applicant and expects the applicant to solve the questions with a good solution and another technique or further suggestions to the question. Here the applicant is tasked with working along the specifications. Case questions can differ depending upon the designation or job position. In some instances, the interviewer may also try to find an applicant that is suitable for applying long term strategies and processes while in other instances, the interviewers tend to search candidates who are calm and composed in the times of any emergency circumstance. These candidates are expected to answer such case instances immediately. Since these types of questions take proper thinking and planning, such types of interviews are generally half an hour long. Do you have such type of interview getting used in your recruitment program? Or do you think such an interview would be effective for your organization?

The informational interviews

Informational interviews do not include any type of performance pressures. These interviews are generally used as a form of information for the applicant as a chance to make comparison of their expectations about the job to the designation that they have applied for.The applicants get the chance to speak with the present staff members in the corresponding job position. These candidates try to make this as a chance to prudently think about the position or role and try to search for its more positive and less positive features about the position.

It is something that helps both the employers and employees at the same time to make right decisions. Informational interviews are mostly less than half an hour. Both the employer and the employee must prepare questions beforehand, prior to this type of interview.

What is the use of an interview?

The interview is an important step in the recruiting program. The hiring program cannot be effectively accomplished in the absence of an interview. The chief objectives of an interview process are:

  • Accumulating data that is both extensively and intensively.
  • Exchanging data and even the experiences.

Again there are different forms of interview and the commonest formic face-to-face interview.  These are the interviews that encompass face to face conversation with the applicant and the interviewer. Though such an interview is not as stressful and frantic as a group interview or type of a panel interview, applicants are still pressured to make a great impression to the interviewer.The output of this interview fully depend son the performance of the applicants. Applicants should try to make a statement to interviewer and make them feel why he or she is most suitable or apt for the position. Of course, being an interviewer, it would be easy for you to analyse the caliber of the candidate.

Phone interviews

This is considered as the least usual method of taking interviews because it overthrows the whole idea of interviews. These kinds of interviews are extremely contradictory to the normal type of interviews. Face to face meeting is not vital in these kinds of interviews, but since you are the interviewer, you would check on the verbal abilities and soft skill capability of the candidate.You might try to check for various verbal signals. If you are smart enough at interviewing, you can even sense the caliber and confidence right from the tone of your candidates.

So, use a test and find out which type of interview fits you the best for making the best recruitment’s. After all, an interview is effective only if it is transparent and professional. If an interview is not effective, the outcomes would never blow your mind.

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