Why you should use OEM vs. AMP

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The tug of war for choosing between an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts and AMP (aftermarket parts) is often confusing for the one who will have to spend the cash on the parts. When you are given with an option between something really cheap vs. same thing at a higher cost, the brain and pocket tilt toward the cheap one because obviously, it is about your hard-earned income you will have to pay from.

OEM atv parts are no doubt expensive when compared to the aftermarket parts. But one might not find OEM parts for models that are very old but can find the same in the inventory of the aftermarket parts warehouses. This is because of the simple reason that original equipment manufacturers pay attention to newer models and their parts for a span of 2-3 years and then move on to the recent models.

Also, the choice of selecting between OEM and AMP also depends upon the major factor of part one needs to buy. In order to make things a little transparent and help you get into a conclusion so that you do not end up screwing your money over a wrong purchase, here are the best genuine motorcycle parts and the place to buy them from.


  • OEM parts can be trusted blindly because of the brand name and genuine stamp they have on it. For a matter of fact, most of the OEM parts are sold by the manufacturers of the aftermarket parts, only the price is higher.
  • This does not mean that the quality of OEM and AMP are the same. Aftermarket parts are of low quality as compared to the original equipment by all means.
  • This brings one to a conclusion that it is always safe to go for OEM ATV parts with paying extra money in order to ensure safety, longevity and provide your motorcycle with good performance.
  • Though one can save money on features like the outer look of the bike, changing the body parts with the AMP, air filters, exhaust mufflers, sprockets etc. these parts contribute to the outer look of the body and filters and mufflers are of same quality when compared to the OEM ATV parts. Therefore, one can easily get them from AMP sellers for cheap prices and quick delivery.
  • The internal parts are the soul of any vehicle. This ensures safety and performance and hence one must always go for OEM parts in order to provide the motorcycle with the best genuine motorcycle parts.
  • Compromising with safety while riding is not a way to save money. One can save it on body parts and other accessories that have nothing to do with the performance of the motorcycle.

It is easy to find the required parts when searching for the aftermarket parts because there are many warehouses and inventory for these whereas OEM ATV parts take time to be delivered and for old models, one might have to stick to AMP.


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